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Woke Trans-Activist That Bought Miss Universe Pageant from Donald Trump... Goes Broke

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The South China Morning Post reported this only a year ago. The story of a woke woman, who is wrenching this great institution from the hands of Donald Trump.

But imagine that everything she was selling was false, from her identity to her intentions for the company. Because, more than her gender, she is not providing hope to women, most of all. Sadly, so many women today are looking to the false hopes in woke cultural vandalization to tell them "how great" they are, but this seems to be an empty promise.

You see, here’s the real story, and it is very simple.

…There once was a Ms. that said Ms. Universe should be for women. Ironically this message rings hollow when this Ms. is a not a Ms…

So, if “she” is lying about some things, why not about other things? That’s right, Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip is a transwoman. So this means "she" claims to be a "woman," but claims do not make these things true. Just watch Matt Walsh's "What is a Woman?" to see what I mean...

Because, just like the Wizard of Oz, there’s a little man behind them curtains…


BBC News reports here.

But this is not a joke. This effects society. Dave Rubin explains the importance of this here, before the bankruptcy.

Before the bankruptcy, months ago, Brett Cooper gave her reaction here as well. She’s just delightfully funny. And she’s right, because… we don’t understand it either, Brett.

That’s right. Famously, a year ago, this Thai activist and celebrity (Jakrajutatip) made an announcement that the company would be owned by JKN and would be run by women now (which I believe was supposed to be ridiculing Donald Trump in the process), even though I don’t think many people caught onto this at the time, and Trump made a statement saying that the company (JKN Global Group) would shepherd the company into “even greater heights of success.”

But, was it? Was it shepherded to greater heights? No. No it wasn’t.

BBC reported (above) only days ago, that in only a year, after buying the Miss Universe Pageant for $20m from Donald Trump, she has gone bankrupt in a Thai court, stating that they had a “liquidity problem.”

“Her” hopes for the company have been dashed to the ground.

Stating that championing the purchase of the company was part of his/her personal life-mission, has revealed quite clearly a massive failure in this plan and in his/her life to reflect truth and dignity in mankind. Women have lost here more than anyone.

Where else is this happening? And who will continue to expose the truth of this reality, if we truth-tellers won’t?

Keep in mind, in the same way that these wokesters will lie about their gender, they will lie about the disgrace of this “championing women” mission, while allowing transgender women to compete, putting it into the hands of a transgender woman, and leading it to financial bankruptcy. They will claim this is just another success, even though this is only a disgrace for women everywhere! Just wait. The lies are coming, again.

If we Live Not By Lies we will see through this charade, every time. Read about Live Not By Lies, here and here.

Did you enjoy this article? Did you hear about Anna purchasing Miss Universe a year ago? Has this awakened you to the lies these kinds of activists tell, in order to bankrupt our institutions? Let us know in our social media, or comment down below (with subscription).