Doc on The Fentanyl Death Crisis Hits the Streets In Time for Election Season

The fentanyl crisis in correlation to the open border and to Democrat policies many complain about, could arguably be one of the worst national drug crises in history.

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by Jon Croft
Doc on The Fentanyl Death Crisis Hits the Streets In Time for Election Season

Its a crisis around the country, but in Colorado, alone, they say it costs them $16B in one year.

The Denver Gazette reports.

Study: Fentanyl-related deaths cost Colorado estimated $16 billion last year
In 2023 alone, Colorado witnessed a staggering $16 billion in costs associated with fentanyl-related overdose deaths, according to a recent study conducted by the Common Sense Institute.

Here are some quick numbers on the crisis.

To learn more about this crisis, particularly in Colorado, Mountain Time Media produced a doc here, called "Devastated: Colorado's Fentanyl Disaster."

Here is the trailer.

Go here to see the doc right now, below.

DEVASTATED: Colorado’s Fentanyl Disaster | Documentary
Mountain Time Media and Steve Wells present the documentary film, “DEVASTATED: Colorado’s Fentanyl Disaster”.

It is quite disturbing.

If you know any drug users or if you know people (especially kids) who go to parties where illicit material is passed around, please let them know that they could be putting their lives in serious danger by taking any drugs, since it can be laced in almost anything, especially today.

Nobody enjoys these kinds of stories, but we must do more to put a stop these kinds of issues in our country. Let us know your thoughts down below (with subscription) or on our social media!

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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