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Media Moses is an independent publication officially launched on July 4th, 2023 (our birthday) as a wordpress site on We had to wait for the mediamoses domain to become avaliable, and less that two years earlier we had only been operating under During this time the site was being designed and after two bad web designers later, we decided to do this work ourselves. Lesson: do not pay people up front. In May 2023 the domain became available, so we went for it. Setting up in May, we started a soft-open of the site which was available to see, using the Zeen theme on wordpress, but this hadn't been advertised. So, we finally let people know that our official hard-open was July 4th. We also opened a Substack to give insider updates on the site to subscribers (mostly friends of the site) right before the hard open. But this two-site solution was never something we planned to be permanent.

The growing problem was that our design options and subscription options were limited. We needed a site that could do both, so we found the right solution and migrated the site to this new design. In September I started designing and by November 2023 I was fully invested. So this is our new site, with multi-tiered subscription and better design across all platforms.

If you subscribe today, as a free member, you'll get general access to the website, as well as email updates for weekly members-only posts, and ability to comment on posts, but you won't know about new content when it's available, nor will you have complete access. Since your paid subscription makes this site possible, and allows Media Moses to continue to exist, we want to start directing people to purchase a paid account, so we can do more. This will still be a very low price, to encourage new subs, but in time an exclusive membership tier will exist. Thank you!

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