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Dave Rubin Addresses Why We Should Support "Live Not By Lies" in Order to Defeat Marxist Collectivism

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In a livestreamed interview with Dave Rubin, writer of Live Not By Lies, Rod Dreher, discuss together with the filmmakers the soft totalitarianism of today’s collectivism. If you love liberty and love human rights you cannot ignore how communism and fascism, the two wings of the Marxist collectivist project, has failed humanity. The stories that Angel’s docuseries project, Live Not By Lies, plans to feature are the very ones that the revisionist historians would seek to silence, just as they did millions of dissenters in Soviet Russia.

The stories of those who suffer should never be forgotten, but today the left wing seeks to silence not just these stories, but every opinion that disagrees with their bad science and bad governance narratives. Yesterday we may have had Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag Archipelago, but today we have the covid camps, facial recognition, social credits, and cancellations of conservative media talents such as (currently in the UK) Russell Brand, or Laurence Fox, or Count Dankula, or in American media such as James O’Keefe, Steven Crowder, #MeToo scapegoats like Johnny Depp, Covid dissenters like Dr. McCullough or Dr. Malone, and many more victims of this authoritarian overreach.

Let’s stand by these true victims of the terrors of government overreach and abuse, instead of those who have their feelings hurt by the free market of ideas in our country. Let’s give our kids bravery, courage, and strength, instead of the fear, hatred, and envy of our fellow man. And let’s teach our fellow man to Live Not By Lies.

Please consider contributing to this project, and helping Angel Studios to upend the power that Hollywood uses to dominate and control our culture, and to promote hatred, feminism, racism, and other Marxist lies to our kids. It is a terrible reign of evil that we must overwhelm with truth, in order to defeat it.

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Here is where you can buy Rod Dreher’s book, Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents.

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