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"Live Not By Lies" Praised By Jordan B. Peterson, Planned Docuseries Now Seeking Fundraising

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Live Not By Lies, the book by Rod Dreher about the nature of Communist totalitarianism, was inspired by Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago and the secret gulags that effectively did what the Nazis failed to do. And who else is an expert on both Solzhenitsyn and totalitarianism? Jordan B Peterson, famed Canadian psychologist, who also seeks to give us a warning about the direction our western world is heading. And what is one of the ways a man like him does this? He tweets it below.

He recommends learning about Live Not By Lies, to spread the word against the extreme left, which has now been made popular by demagogues like AOC, Bernie Sanders, and Universal Basic Income advocates like Andrew Yang. The left has even bailed out members of violent extremist groups like Antifa & BLM. These policies are not to be toyed with. They could lead to violent revolution.

Jordan doesn’t just support Dreher’s work, they are friends. He interviewed him here about his book, “Live Not By Lies.” They lay out the shocking reality of how seductive Communism and collectivist utopia’s truly are. But, even more importantly, how do Christians stand up and use their voice, instead of becoming cowards, and allowing another genocidal government to kill its political enemies as it wishes.

In a later interview with pastor Darren Tyler in the livestream announcing the beginning of their fundraising, Dreher goes further in explaining how important a community is to fighting this collectivist Utopianism. That’s right, Angel studios has announced they will be assisting in finding Dreher and the filmmakers funding to make a documentary series about the book, and bringing this timely subject to the public consciousness. At the time of this writing, they are at about 1/3 of their target funding at $174k and they have only 16 days remaining.

The neediness of our country now is expounded upon here, as they discuss foreigners seeking to come to the USA as missionaries, finding the people that you are willing to go to prison with, and stories of a Russian man who was comforted by angels in prison, while tears streamed over his paralyzed cheeks. These people who suffered are much of what this story is about, and hearing and learning from them is the primary objective of the docuseries.

If you seek to learn more or to contribute, go to

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