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Unbelievable: Tucker's New Show Gets Millions of Views Showing Twitter's Potential As Video Platform

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In only a few hours, Tucker on Twitter gets millions of views, revealing potential of a new Twitter Video platform.

He did it. Tucker has shown up, knocked down the door, and ushered us even further into the “New Media Sphere”, which continues to grow against the old 5th estate, the old guard journalism establishment. Tucker acquired millions of views in hours, 60-something million views in a day, and counting. This following Matt Walsh’s Daily Wire doc “What is a Woman?” Getting 175 million views on the “new Twitter video platform”, making it the most watched documentary in history in the same time period. This doc may be equally political in nature, but being on Twitter 2.0 it may have given it the extra juice to make this achievement possible.

The Hill: Rising reacts to the new show here. The show can be found on Tucker’s twitter, at end of article.

Both Daily Wire and Tucker have grown politically savvy by not going “too MAGA” but also in their social issues by not mincing words about their criticism of the left. This simple formula may be what has also propelled governor Desantis to fame during the pandemic. He is very socially conservative but not a dyed-in-the-wool Trumper in his politics. Politically, its more pragmatic, but socially it’s more strict about what direction society must go. This indicates a stronger pro-America stance (especially American families) without feeling the need to support Trump without reservation.

How does this manifest? Q: “Slava Ukraine”? A: Maybe but not necessarily. Let’s look at it rationally. Q: Open borders? A: We understand the needs for immigration but first let’s consider the issues this raises for our country. However, if asked “Should we allow kids to be groomed?“ or “Should Americans be placed in prison without trial for a year?” or “Should we eliminate 2A?” or “Should parents have no say about pride or CRT in schools?” you will get “ABSOLUTELY NOT” with caps in all cases. These common stances between all these winning people on the right reveals much about where our nation is headed, and additionally what platforms and issues the media may be championing as we move forward.

Go to Tucker’s new show on his twitter, here.

How do you feel about Tucker winning on Twitter and these common stances between Tucker, Daily Wire, and Desantis? Do you think they will continue to win? Comment on our social media, or on our page down below (with subscription).