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The Daily Wire Finally Releases A Live Backstage Again After Five Months On The Rocks

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Finally, God-King Jeremy Boreing, along with Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Andrew Klavan, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles again return to their long-lost habit of releasing a sprawling talk on livestream called Backstage. They of course discuss a lot of political issues, and by the end Jeremy mentioned how happy he was to get back home after having such a difficult shoot in Europe on the Pendragon Cycle. This concerns me because I’m hoping that Boreing doesn’t stop making good work in his directorial efforts.

They also mentioned Taylor Swift, Usher, Ben Shapiro’s short-lived rap career, and the red-pill movement which seems to have turned from a pro-masculinity movement into an anti-woman movement leading many astray. They continue talking about the culture and how we can make changes in society, which turns back into a political debate and the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin. It was a very engaging discussion.

Enjoy it here!

I still have hopes that they will include more discussion on their cultural efforts sometime in the future, because unlike Hollywood, conservative culture warriors seem to always keep their plans too close to the vest. I'd like them to come out with it more often. Have a discussion on why they are planning this film, or that show. Share their goals and vision for building up the culture more.

Get people excited!

This is the mission that we at Media Moses have, and many other conservative culture war outfits do not seem to be interested in engaging with. We hope to engage in more of these talks soon, and developing our work, with you, the growing fan base.

Did you enjoy this article? What are your thoughts on DW returning to their Backstage event after five months? Do you also think they should talk more about culture creation? Let us know down below (with subscription) or on our social medias!