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Ted Nugent Reminds Us of the Importance of Free Speech in America

chascar, CC BY 2.0

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The gun-toting rocker Ted Nugent, who is an inspiration to all true Americans, gave Neil Young a piece of his mind the other day. When the 1st amendment is under attack on social media space and online, it takes real Americans to refuse to bow, and apparently it takes Canadians like Neil Young to misunderstand our freedoms and demand that the music & podcasting platform, Spotify, censor people (like Joe Rogan) from speaking freely.

In a recent interview with Kristi Leigh, The Nuge, as he is called, is quoted as saying,

…he’s ‘rockin’ in the free world,’ then he wants to censor people? Hey, Neil… choose one, you can’t do both, ya dirtbag!” -Ted Nugent

He continues… “If he’s ‘rockin’ in the free world’ then he wants to censor somebody who’s bringing information from world-renowned virologists and epidemiologists and calling that misinformation, but he’s gonna quote Joe Biden as the decree of… Are you kidding me?”.

So, not only does Nugent support gun rights, but he also released a great song called “Come and Take It” last year to really take the message home to tyrants with a rebel yell! What a great American! Don’t let ‘em forget where we get our rights from!

Hint: its not from the government! It’s from God! But it takes us to defend them!

Enjoy “Come and Take It!” or his classic “Stranglehold” here and give your own rebel yell to the deep state and Emperor (with-no-clothes) Brandon!

Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Ted!

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