'Reagan' Trailer and Jordan Peterson Remind Us That We Need A Real Film Industry

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by Jon Croft
'Reagan' Trailer and Jordan Peterson Remind Us That We Need A Real Film Industry

The Reagan film, starring Dennis Quaid, could end up being a real barn burner, if you're willing to seek out the fan ratings on Rotten Tomatoes instead of just looking at so-called 'professional critics.' Hollywood's establishment media have grown incessantly tiring on these kinds of political films, because we all know exactly what they're going to say already.

But we want to give it a real chance to make a difference. Give people a chance to see conservatism as a real option, instead of only giving people access to the negative voices that stand against conservatism.

So sure, while I'm not necessarily completely sold on the film based upon this trailer alone, I do think it's a good start to introduce us to this story.

The musical choices let us know that we are looking at a story about power... world power. And I find this to be a bit confusing, given that Reagan was trying to remove the communist threat from us all, and turning their weapons of mass destruction away from us all. He was likely the most like the former Democrat president, JFK, then any other president in world history. Especially in the sense that he was willing to take risks to stop the communist missile from decimating the entire civilized world. And he got shot for it and hated (even to this day) for it.

In the simple desire for Gorbachev to remove the wall around East Berlin (and thereby, to remove the entire Iron Curtain around eastern Europe), he was stating unequivocally, the desire for mankind to stand together in "Solidarity."

Of course communists will hate this.

But this is not a desire for power expressed, but a desire to share power, together. As is the same desire for conservatives, around the globe. To provide systems of accountability against power run amuck.

This was one of the ways that Reagan defeated communism, by bankrupting it into a high-tech missile race to defeat each other with research weaponry. "Star Wars," as Reagan called it. This race of technology provided systems of accountability which could render the scorched-earth mutual-destruction nuclear death of ICBM exchange obsolete.

But what of today's Hollywood? What of the "beautiful place" that ought to be telling these stories that can help ensure freedom and accountability around the world through truth-telling?

It appears to be dead. After all, many of them are communists and Marxists themselves. Their refusal to do any truth-telling on Reagan is by design.

And this is where Jordan Peterson, and many in the growing counter-culture media such as The Daily Wire, come in. The question of what has happened to Hollywood is one of their subjects to explore here. But of course politics, Dennis Quaid's career, and Trump come up as well.

Another conversation about Hollywood was also given by Jordan Peterson, here. This one is with Adrian Grenier, star of HBO's Entourage, from a few years back. It begins with his story of stardom in Hollywood and where it brought him.

As the story continues you can hear that what Hollywood is allergic to is real love. Instead, Hollywood lives in narcissism, self-glorification, and fake do-goodery (such as the environmental work he did) but it doesn't really understand love or real goodness. Christ must break through this fog of evil in Hollywood, before it can ever be a useful place again.

But, will the story of Reagan be able to bring light to Hollywood? Can it? Or is it just another political screed, like the woke ones, except from the right side of the aisle? It is yet to be seen.

The film comes out in theaters domestically on August 30th.

Did you enjoy this article? Do you agree that Hollywood has issues and it must be reformed? Or do you think that Hollywood is dead and we must do better elsewhere? Let us know what you think down below (with subscription) or on our social media.

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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