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Daily Wire and Candace Owens Part Ways After Contentious Public Statements

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Jeremy Boreing tweets this morning.

Immediately, the Post-Millenial and Andy Ngo reports here, and many other media outlets are writing furiously as we speak.

For those who follow us and follow the Daily Wire this is really no surprise. I was talking about this months ago on this platform, and yes, I still maintain that Candace Owens (though she had some valuable points to make) was not making them in a professional manner. Meaning: she resorted to insults more often than facts. And this tendency of hers was happening far before October 7th.

And so, again, this is unfortunate, but not surprising.

You can watch here on the Rubin Report as well. Speaking of which Dave Rubin predicted this very event yesterday on the PBD Podcast.

After the October 7th incident in Israel, in which hundreds of Jews were attacked (kidnapped, murdered, raped, and tortured) and Israel responded IN KIND, many will, of course, choose the sides that they prefer to defend. But in my belief we ought to defend truth, goodness, and justice, instead of your race, identity, or tribe. Americans care about values, ethics, goodness, and virtues... not protecting tribe at all costs.

And upholding this policy of justice ought to be no surprise, either.

This means that... sure, "Conservative Inc" (as their detractors refer to them) may be incorrect, and the growing anti-Israel lobby in "conservative media" can also be incorrect. What matters is if Candace has been representing DW as a news and media company well, or not. It is, after all, a job. Not just a free platform.

In his video, Dave Rubin calls DW a "network," but even so, and even if it was just a social media platform, the same basic principle applies. It's not your company, and this means sometimes it can go too far.

But wait... (some of you may say that) Boreing gave her a "get out of jail free card"! Right? Debatable.

Jeremy Boreing has implied that Candace can say what she wishes on the platform, but I fear this was a foolhearty sentiment that is not altogether true. Nobody can just say whatever they wish without caveats. And some statements can really go too far.

To be more accurate, you can read yourself what he says...

He says...

"...In my current capacity, I cannot fire Candace Owens. That’s something Ben and I have in common since he is also not an executive in the company and cannot hire or fire people.

But even if we could, we would not fire Candace because of another thing we have in common - a desire not to regulate the speech of our hosts, even when we disagree with them.

Candace is paid to give her opinion, not mine or Ben’s. Unless those opinions run afoul of the law or she violates the terms of her contract in some way, her job is secure and she is welcome at Daily Wire."

That's a big "unless"...

So, case in point: experience shows that anybody can be hired on to a company and be fired for statements they make publicly. And that is often why people get fired from a company. Some companies make this fact explicit and clear in a contract with them (when you're hired), and some do not. But nevertheless, it is something that most companies can do, and often do exercise.

And since we do not know what is in her contract... we do not know if she broke it. That could be a legal matter, or a matter of personal judgment. But nevertheless, DW felt it was a breach large enough to fire her.

This could happen to any of us and it doesn't make it "cancel culture" for us to be fired like that. Cancellation goes far beyond and is more of a form of harassment.

In the case of social media as well, if anyone uses a social media platform without reading the agreement and then says whatever and gets kicked off... well, what do you say to that? You ought to have read the agreement. Frankly I have no sympathy for people who think they can do whatever they wish on a social media platform, just as well. It's not yours. You don't own it. So, you can't use it however you wish.

I'm not saying that I fully know or understand the reasoning behind Daily Wire's firing of Candace, but I do understand that they have every right to fire her if she made unprofessional or very rude comments.

What is unprofessional? What is very rude? Funny thing about that is that Daily Wire gets to decide this and we don't.

And, this is the same for any employer.

I always find it funny when people don't realize what I'm about to say about the corporate world, but the number one rule of working for a corporation is... don't make the company look bad. It is just that simple. And Candace didn't seem to heed this kind of knowledge nor the implied ethical maxim of doing a good job, and making a difference according to that company's standard. She was more about defending herself, and fighting her own perceived inequalities.

Many may ask how do I know this kind of ethical rule and know about corporations from this angle? Well funny enough, I was one of them. I was fired for what they call "insubordination" from someone who basically took what I said (a fact) as an insult and fired me. I've been fired numerous times for saying things at companies that I thought I was helping by being the one willing to say hard truths. Guess what?... They didn't agree with me. And so, I got canned.

So, sometimes you learn the hard way about these things.

I've heard some complaints on the other side, but I have to disagree with the characterization that Candace Owens is a sort of "victim" here. I wasn't a victim when I got canned, either. I took the risk to speak, and I said too much. And who judges that anyway? What is too much? They get to decide that. Not me, and not you.

So, we have to understand that there's two sides to the story here. And in order to hear the other side you have to be willing to listen. But I've noticed that people like Candace have had a difficult time listening to the side of the story about defending Israel from attack and how to do that. And this is only to her detriment and to the detriment of public discourse. Many more may suffer if we cannot learn to listen to this other side.

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