On the Teal Carpet: The Chosen S4 Premiere Livestreams & Interviews

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by Jon Croft
On the Teal Carpet: The Chosen S4 Premiere Livestreams & Interviews

Brandon Snipe of The Snipe Life channel started his The Chosen Sleuth channel a short time ago to cover The Chosen exclusively. He gives a fun impromptu live appearance on The Chosen’s exclusive teal carpet experience!

Eli from Against the Current Podcast also makes an appearance, and they discuss a few theories, including their expectations for the season.

There have also been numerous interviews that came from this press junket in LA, and since then, they have also walked down the carpet in London as well!

Check it out the London Premiere here!

These are some of the best interviews from these press junkets, including Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus, Paras Patel who plays Matthew, Noah James who plays Andrew, Yasmine Al-Bustami who plays Ramah, Brandon Potter who plays Quintus, Nick Shokur who plays Simon Zebedee, Vanessa Benavente who plays Mary, and Abe Bueno-Jallad who plays Big James! There were many, these being the very best of them.

This is a shorter more succinct version of Brandon's Livestream in LA., as he only leaves the most important footage with interviews in it. He interviews many of the above-the-line people including Producers, and Dallas Jenkins who is the director, and about half of the lead cast.

However, if you do see the entire original Livestream you'll notice that what's called the "Hollywood Prayer Network" gets a shout out for the Christian creatives who are working in Hollywood! They could use your prayers, by the way. It is not easy working in Hollywood, especially for a Christian.


Bless their cast & crew and we hope everything will go very well for them! We hope to view it in theaters as well and discuss it in an upcoming X Space!

I hope to "hear" some of you there!

Did you enjoy this article and update on The Chosen's Teal Carpet experience! This unprecedented series will be screened in entirety over the coming weeks! I hear it will be amazing! What are your thought? Comment down below (with subscription) or on our social media!

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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