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Daily Wire's 'Mr. Birchum' Goes to Red Carpet, Will Arrive On DW+ May 12th

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I'm really excited for this one! The latest shows from DW+ haven't had me as excited, but this one (and Pendragon) are the exception for me. The Convicting a Murderer, and the Judging Matt Walsh shows just kind of "made me meh." And while Corolla's Truth Yeller show also didn't quite work for me, I think this show really puts Corolla in his element... absurdist character comedy.

Here is the trailer for the 1st upcoming season.

It's true, we were talking about Mr. Birchum months ago when the new Lady Ballers film was making the rounds, and here we are at the new release date and red carpet. So, on Sunday May 12th at 9/8C, it will be premiering on DW+.

But wait, you hadn't heard what this show is about? No worries. You can read our older article, here.

DW’s “Mr. Birchum” shows on “Lady Ballers” premiere, starring Adam Carolla, Brett Cooper, Rosanne Barr, and more
When playing Lady Ballers over the weekend (as the obligatory conservative fan of DW ought to do) of course, I bet you didn’t expect to see the trailer to The Daily Wire’s first adult animated comedy show, Mr. Birchum, which plays right before the controversial sports comedy. And now I

So, now here we are, almost 5 months later, and they are rolling out the show after a red carpet in LA. Exciting! So, Daily Wire puts out their article on the premiere, here.

And here we have Adam Corolla & Tyler Fischer, both comedians who starred in the show, discussing Mr. Birchum on The Adam Corolla Show.

Of course, many in liberal media will call this show terrible, because they are political thinkers, primarily. They think in terms of if people "should" see a show, or in terms of their "comfort level" with a show. After all it's hard for them to digest and understand challenging concepts.

But neverheless, if you compare apples to apples, the Daily Wire's comedy stands right up next to many Hollywood-level comedies, and it does just fine. I even enjoyed Lady Ballers, as a comedy film, even though people still criticize it. Of course many just don't like that kind of mildly crude comedy, but I found it a bit refreshing. This is probably because I, personally, enjoy most kinds of comedy.

Comedy is a very subjective thing. It's a lot of eye-of-the-beholder stuff. What one person finds funny, another person thinks, "this makes me sad that someone would enjoy making fun of a disenfranchised minority like that."

It's like a Christian who cannot stomach a Monty Python comedy, since that old British standard comedy troupe was often making Christian tropes the brunt of so much of their mockery. Some who "easily bruise" will become very precious about such prospects.

And then, suddenly, they will claim, "it's not funny."

Ok, you do you. You're not required to like every comedy. But don't call yourself a professional film reviewer, either. Reviewers are trained to be more aware of their own prejudices and they put it behind them when they recommend things to others. They know their purpose as a reviewer isn't to propagate their own biases on to everyone else. But instead it's to understand the purpose and value of every kind of media, that genre, and that subgenre within that medium. Then to accurately and clearly articulate "how" this project fulfills or fails at its goals to accomplish great media.

And do I think this DW+ comedy will be funny? Yes. My view is it will likely be the funniest comedy ever to come out of Daily Wire, to date.

Watch a great interview here on Megyn Kelly's show, where she interviews Adam Corolla on Mr. Birchum, on Rosanne Barr, and on Hollywood nonsense.

She also interviews Brett Cooper on being a conservative actress.

Watch that entire episode of Megyn Kelly in LA, where she also interviews Rosanne Barr, here.

Speaking of Brett Cooper, she discusses how comedy has taken a recent turn for the worst in popular culture, and how we need better comedy that relates to the regular American.

Mr. Birchum will be premiering here at DW when it comes out on Sunday May 12th 9/8C.

Did you enjoy becoming informed about DW+'s new show Mr. Birchum? Will you be watching at the premiere? Let us know down below (with subscription) or on our social media!