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DW's "Mr. Birchum" shows on "Lady Ballers" premiere, starring Adam Carolla, Brett Cooper, Rosanne Barr, and more

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When playing Lady Ballers over the weekend (as the obligatory conservative fan of DW ought to do) of course, I bet you didn't expect to see the trailer to The Daily Wire's first adult animated comedy show, Mr. Birchum, which plays right before the controversial sports comedy.

And now I know if you have seen Lady Ballers. If you have seen it... you know of what I speak. But, while I enjoy teasing people who don't keep up with the news cycle like I do, you don't have to see Lady Ballers now to have seen it, as it is now on YouTube.

Deadline reports on a synopsis of the show given by Daily Wire, here.

It stars voice talent and creator Adam Carolla, based upon a character as depicted in The Man Show on Comedy Central, and in other places. Back in the day, sure, he introduced the iconic character as a pilot on The Man Show, but before then, Adam Carolla used Mr. Birchum as a recurring character during the golden era of radio in the nineties on KROQ, and later, on Crank Yankers.

But who is Mr. Birchum?

This rough and tumble high school shop teacher often feels out of touch or disconnected with the modern pussified world of lady-boys and angry feminists who make it hard for him to find peace, often plunging him into flashbacks from his 'Nam days when the VC tortured him. That's the quick intro of his character.

Here he is as depicted on The Man Show (live action pilot).

Here is Mr. Birchum as depicted on radio (KROQ) in the 90's.

It also stars Rosanne Barr, Brett Cooper, Danny Trejo, Tyler Fischer, Patrick Warburton, Jay Mohr, Rob Riggle, and Megyn Kelly. Each of these people has a history with acting or comedy except for the newcomer (Megyn Kelly) who is known as a conservative journalist and commentator.

Frankly it looks decent, and a lot of fun, but it also looks like the kind of content that belonged in Hollywood in the 90's. Yes, it looks irreverent, dumb, and sometimes a mockery of real manhood. Like an Al Bundy or Homer Simpson of sorts. My hope, however, is that time has weathered this character in the right direction, and into a more Ron Swanson-like antagonist of state power and weak sissy-boys. Now we're talkin'. But will this happen? This is still as yet unknown.

But, we do get some indication (most importantly) that it will be of high quality due to so many talented people being involved. And, that based upon what we're seeing in the trailer, we will see some push back against the J.E.D.I. (Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion), and potentially some key words of wisdom from Rosanne Barr or Adam Carolla who have both exhibited understanding on how cancel culture has harmed society. I doubt they will stay silent on this especially after "DW godking" Boreing has stated that they seek, " – to bring back the irreverent patriarch in a truly hilarious comedy that doesn’t care who it offends.”

That's a recipe for success, if they can stay true to these values.

What are your feelings on Mr. Birchum? Do you think he will uphold the DW ethic to fight the culture war on land, sea, and air, or do you think they will drop their arms and return to the nineties, when woke was in its infancy (called "political correctness," then)? Let us hope that Mr. Birchum will make the right decision, no matter which direction they go in.

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