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Many Question If DailyWire+ "Convicting A Murderer" Adds To The Conversation On Steven Avery's Guilt

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Frankly, Halloween spooks are far more easy to look at in comparison to the real cases of murder and abuse you can witness in our dark world. Convicting A Murderer is one of these disturbing cases. So bad, I can hardly watch it.

I saw the near-death experience documentary, After Death, recently in theaters, and it was far easier to watch than this series. The seedy underbelly of society is really hard to look at when you look hard enough, and this is what I’ve seen when trying to watch this show. It’s so bad I haven’t been able to finish it, so sometimes I learn about it through others who’ve kept up with the case. Still, it is hard to understand how this case isn’t a slam dunk. All the public speculation continues the discussion, but sadly it doesn’t appear to be getting us closer to the truth.

By the way, the first episode is still for free on YouTube.

If you haven’t been part of the discussion around Candace Owen’s Convicting A Murderer knee-jerk reaction show to the Making A Murderer show, you have missed a lot of flame wars on Twitter and Facebook. Oh boy, don’t we all love a flame war on social media? No? Me either. It’s a decidedly useless waste of personal time. Still, many seek this contentious debate to rage on in Wisconsin and around the world about how bad a person Steven Avery really is. Nobody is arguing he’s a saint, but Candace Owens wants to make it clear that he is the worst.

So, of course we’re going to have the tribal wars along party lines forming up to wield their muskets. “Blam blam.” “Did anybody win?” “No, just keep shooting!”

In this case we have parties forming around the legal council and around each set of followers of their respective streaming services, as well as the more obvious political party lines. But you also have the independent media going at it. People like liberal Allegedly A Show, from up in Canada, down to the more right-wing (I assume) Smoke Screen Podcast down in the states, they both sound reasonable in their complaints of the other side. But I have found few people who’d disagree that the show isn’t necessarily adding a lot to the conversation in the form of new information, at least for those who have kept up with the case since “Making” hit in December of 2015.

Many people on social media that have joined the debate have been fully aware of this “new” information for years now, but one factor that Candace’s show seems to be ignoring is the idea that both sides are standing by their own narratives they’ve formed through the editing on their own shows. Clearly, these are both narratives.

Allegedly A Show (called New Scott on YouTube) makes this point very clearly when he says that he feels Candace’s show keeps trying to claim that the “other show’s” narrative is bad, but they couch these claims within their own narrative as well. You need enough facts to establish a beyond-a-reasonable-doubt level of evidence in order to turn tables in a legal case, and neither Making A Murderer, nor Convicting A Murderer seems to be able to do that, however what we do see is that the original Making A Murderer definitely removed a lot of crucial data to this case, so if we seek to better understand it, we should really watch the rebuttal.

I trust the law in Wisconsin to have been better able (than I can) to do that, and they seem to have done that to an acceptable level, though not to a 100% level of excellence (for example, in how they convicted Brandon Dassey). That’s ok for me, because Avery has still been prosecuted and punished, and Brandon Dassey is likely still a very damaged, and possibly dangerous person as well. Keeping this guy off the streets (possibly even Dassey off the streets) is more important to me than the narratives.

But of course, Candace wants the last word on the narratives, and through grinning smiles in her latest update below she offers the absurd feelings of sympathizers to the bonfire, to mock and jeer at the many people who will go to war for their own chosen narratives.

The video below has some explicit and sexual content.

Why Candace makes it about race here is beyond me, but I find their reasoning here somewhat disturbing. Some people go to wide lengths for the narratives they believe in, ironically, even as far as making an entire show about it. Narratives are incredibly powerful. So much so that we don’t even know we are following one.

Of course don’t let me, or Candace, or any of the narratives be your judging factor. Make up your mind for yourself and, if you like, let me know where I’m wrong. Also watch each of the other response shows above because often these guys have done far more research than me on this case.

Avery and Dassey remain in prison, and information on the case can be read about here on Wikipedia.

Did you enjoy the “Convicting A Murderer” show on Daily Wire+? Were you a “Making A Murderer” fan, on Netflix? Let us know your feelings on the case on our social media!