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Jonathan Ogden's Musical Soundscapes Are Enhanced By New Single "Without Love"

Still from Don't Lose Heart on YouTube, Credit, Jonathan Ogde

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Hear Without Love here. When compared to his latest album, Future Forever, we are really seeing a diverse exploration.

Last year, there were many fans that showed up to gift Ogden with great support, after he comforted so many during the pandemic period. Conducting praise sessions, live recordings, and exploring new material on YouTube during this period prepared him for the 2022 Future Forever album which was so welcomed by the public.

I listen to this album pretty religiously but this single “Without Love” really adds something to his mix. Not something you’d expect, however. More like something small and humble, rather than something big and epic. Ogden has an epic scale in his compositions although he doesn’t always achieve what appears to be such an orchestra of bigness that he is shooting for. This is perfectly acceptable though (and you’ll hear it when you listen), because he does what he does so well. And I get the feeling we can all see where he’s going. Whether he gets there in perfection becomes less important to the massively impactful meanings in his lyric.

You can see within his sonic-scapes that he is experiencing the Lord as he makes music, and this is what makes it so impactful for us. This is instant zen, instant peace, instant adoration of the Lord. Much of this is also found in his videos he provides to the public. He even makes an announcement here that he is going on tour. This announcement is from days ago.

I would challenge you to go back and see his older work as well, though. It’s all so good. I can only imagine where he’ll go to with his sound on his tour, but he implies that it is a Future Forever tour. This doesn’t mean that he won’t explore his other albums and songs, however. Kind of exciting what he’s doing! Especially because his “collabs” are epic.

Back to this new single, it’s true that it’s very intimate and small in comparison, but it is like a love song in that intimacy. The six string vibe is not always heard in his tracks. A gentleness to charge the church to use their love instead of to be a loud cymbal or gong when in community. This is the meaning of the tune, which is originated in many places but especially in I Corinthians, 13th chapter. It is good to contemplate how this makes sense in Jonathan Ogden’s ministry to us all through music.

I even go back to his Rivers & Robots collabs & his Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn EP’s and his great singles like Slow Down to hear his music progression, and just like all of us, we’ve come so far since the hard times during pandemic.

Enjoy his incredible work here on Spotify. As it provides peace in the midst of trouble.

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