'Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot' Opens at Theaters and Gets Some Serious Attention

'Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot' Opens at Theaters and Gets Some Serious Attention

The greatly anticipated 2nd installment of the maverick Angel Studios movement to stop human trafficking and child abuse, opens today.

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by Jon Croft

Screen Rant, Daily Wire, National Review, MovieGuide, and the Academy Awards. What do they all have in common? They are all reviewing and promoting Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot, through interviews, clips, and articles.

It sits currently at a 100% audience score at Rotten Tomatoes.

Screen Rant even has an exclusive clip provided by Angel Studios. They don't give much backstory with the clip, but it's a great scene.

And the Academy Awards interviews them here.

Thankfully we are mostly getting positive reviews from the Hollywood press. But there will always be those who feel that they have to accentuate the negatives as they minimize the positives. I'm not saying they shouldn't do that, but they should at least be professional and instructive in a helpful way, as they give negative reviews. Sure, I've seen one or two, but we saw far more negativity from the Hollywood press over the Sound of Freedom.

I believe Angel is past the worst pushbacks from the people like Rolling Stone who mostly resorted to insults and political conspiracy theory accusations, rather than actually talking about the film itself. Of course that film was also more directly about human trafficking. This one implies it as a problem in the background, and focusing on the positive, loving efforts each of us can work towards in our churches.

It is harder to attack working families trying to make a difference because connecting it to some kind of political act is too difficult. They have to resort to mocking the aesthetic. This is very good news.

I'd say this is a substantial victory!

Here are more reviews!

I think this really reminds us of why Sound of Freedom was such a big hit. These are authentic filmmakers telling stories that can actually make a difference in the world, instead of political and ideological ego-trips that seem to be literally half of what comes out of Hollywood these days.

People are tired of it.

Additionally, this is not a faith-based self-congratulatory back pat for telling ourselves how great we are as Christians (which is what so many faith-based films can feel like), and instead it is a hard message that God never tells us that life will be easy, but instead He reminds us that He will walk alongside us as we do the hard labor to work out our salvation with fear & trembling.

And His grace is sufficient for us.

I try to give this message myself when I can, and it is more of what we need right now in the church. Not the escapism and easy-blaming politics where we can just make excuse after excuse on why we just aren't "allowed" to make a difference because "the wrong party" is in power now. No. This is a hard truth. No excuses. Today is the day of salvation, and there is nobody else who is responsible for what you do but you.

We have to stop with the easy-believism and the buck-passing that we see so often, today. Be faithful to BE the parents that we wish we had had to a child that has it far worse than we ever did.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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