Glenn Beck Interviews Gina Carano On X About Her Lawsuit Against Disney

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by Jon Croft
Glenn Beck Interviews Gina Carano On X About Her Lawsuit Against Disney

Glenn Beck has Gina Carano on the Blaze about her lawsuit, her history with Disney, and also the hopeful beginnings of a new movement to change everything. She describes having to rebuild her career and her prayer to God after being cancelled.

By the way, for more on her lawsuit, our story is here.

Gina recounts what occurred as they discuss how Hollywood is destroying itself. Glenn asks, “What do you think happens with this lawsuit?”

Gina replies,

“I hope that this makes a change... in this industry, and it makes a change in people’s hearts, you know. The post that I got fired for, originally, or what they said I got fired for, was never supposed to be what the media and all of them twisted it into. It was supposed to be, you know, do not demonize your neighbor.”

Crazy isn’t it?

Isn’t that really it? The truth is, if all you do is look at this logically, what you’re seeing with this firing is that Hollywood is fighting for their so-called right to demonize their neighbors. That’s what they’re saying by firing her for this particular statement. They don’t want anyone pointing out these clear, logical conclusions.

This is why they must silence people like Carano.

Glenn clarifies, “I don’t think people understand. If they do it to people like you, why would they hesitate to do it to a 'nobody'?”

Gina agrees, adding,

“…they try to smear you as all these key words, racist, anti-Semitic, 'transphobe.' And you know they’re really just trying to squash down anybody who has, you know, the ability to reach people, to tell them, yeah,... like let’s try to communicate, let’s think critically. Let’s not just listen to what the news is telling us. And let’s communicate with each other because we have to. Because everything is just owned now by people who just want to grab more control.”

This is so true. I remember personally being called a racist when I was in Hollywood before the pandemic. This was because somebody gave me unsolicited material on the street, and I refused it. That's all it took. Little did I know that was just the beginning of all the nonsense cognitive dissonance that was to grow more and more in Hollywood.

The interview is also a good reminder to us here at Media Moses, on what we are trying to accomplish as well. Real conversations about real culture, and building culture together.

How can we do this? We have to talk about it and we have to work together to accomplish something better than what Hollywood can muster. This takes growing a real community, not just taking jabs at Facebook "friends" on social media. That is NOT community.

So, let's get to making REAL community happen! Let's support these efforts together, and cancel the Hollywood companies who have thrusted all this intolerance upon innocent people around the world.

Did you enjoy this article? Did you get to listen to the interview and learn a bit more about Gina's lawsuit against Disney? What do you think will happen? Let us know on our social media or down below (with free subscription).

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by Jon Croft

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