Gina Carano and Elon Musk Enter Into Legal Action Against Disney, Only Days After Elon Hints He May Be In Talks to Takeover Mouse House

Gina Carano and Elon Musk Enter Into Legal Action Against Disney, Only Days After Elon Hints He May Be In Talks to Takeover Mouse House

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by Jon Croft

Some may scoff at the humble speculation on a takeover by Elon Musk, which may be all this is, but you’d have to be more familiar with Musk and Peltz and their recent run-ins with Disney’s Bob Iger to know that this is likely a bit more substantial than pure conjecture. But the lawsuit against Disney is not speculation in the slightest.

Some time ago, Elon Musk offered to potentially assist in free speech-related lawsuits, if it met the requirements of his X company. Apparently, Carano took him up on this offer, and now we are looking at deep pockets facing down the Mouse House to get retribution for Carano’s firing from LucasFilm’s Mandalorian show in February, 2021.

But more than this, Elon has made every indication that he opposed how Disney is doing business lately. Both him and a man named Nelson Peltz, whom the mainstream media calls an activist investor.

When Elon Musk went on a recent interview to curse out and accuse a certain somebody of potentially blackmailing him with money, Elon fully established which side of the debate he was on between Disney and the "culture warriors" who seek Disney to return to what they used to be. He firmly decided to stand with governor Ron DeSantis and so many of the other critics who have noticed Disney’s strange “not-so-secret” gay agenda to indoctrinate kids into their political camp. And these “warriors” have given a resounding “no” to what they see as "not-so-innocent" entertainment, but instead, an abuse of children who ought to have every right to not be assaulted with so-called “romantic” same-sex kisses and environmental activism in the films and streaming shows they watch.

It becomes "not-so-surprising" when people accuse Disney of grooming children with this self-proclaimed agenda.

In any case, it must stop.

Well, it just so happens that Gina Carano put out a tweet laying out her intentions to sue Disney with X supporting the lawsuit financially.

Before this, the billionaire Musk was recently caught on the red carpet premiere of Lola, which is activist investor (who is attempting to acquire more power at Disney to, of course, set them straight) Nelson Peltz’s daughter’s film. They posed for cameras and Elon was briefly interviewed saying some shocking things. Watch it here.

That’s right. Elon is discussing some business with “friends,” more specifically a potential business acquisition. But what “business acquisition” would Elon and Peltz be interested in, besides the common ideological enemy of both Musk and Peltz, namely Iger and his company, Disney. Musk has been quoted numerous times giving his assessment of Disney’s failures, and that they have strayed from their long heritage of great entertainment for families. Most recently he highlighted racist and sexist hiring policies, and the replacement of Johnny Depp's character in Pirates of the Caribbean by a black woman.

Additionally, Nelson Peltz has been attempting to right the ship at Disney as their largest private shareholder, who stands to lose more money than anyone else for Bob Iger’s missteps with the company. He has struggled just to get a seat on the board, even though he owns so much stock. Disney having lost about a quarter to a half of their valuation in the market in the last few years, I think it only makes sense that these two heavy hitters will be teaming up together to tackle common enemies.

One legal expert, specializing in Florida law, Legal Mindset (who has a YouTube channel where he discusses Disney) lays out the fact that Musk could very easily invest money in Trian Fund Management (Peltz’s company) which owns large shares of Disney in order to build an even stronger stake of ownership and control in the Disney Corporation. This could force a number of things to happen in the company, and could even create a majority stake for Peltz at Disney. This could force new leadership in or restructure the company in many ways, but it would take a massive shakeup like this to occur first.

Trian began a campaign to restore Disney’s previous glory days, calling it "Restore The Magic," and writing an official open letter to establish their intentions openly. They keep their news and official campaign here at

Neither Musk nor Peltz are newbies at this sort of thing, and my guess is that just the prospect of this possibility may force Iger out as CEO of Disney. Disney’s next earnings call may tell us a great deal. We will see what occurs.

As it comes to the Gina Carano lawsuit, they appear to have strong legal grounds to pursue their case, as the legal team for Carano claims. Here is the official lawsuit by Gina Carano’s lawyers Schaerr-Jaffe, from San Francisco.

Deadline reports on the lawsuit here as well.

Elon is also asking additional plaintiffs to join the suit against Disney. Go to to offer additional potential lawsuits.

Here WDW Pro covers the lawsuit.

Here’s Midnight’s Edge, who covers Elon’s potential takeover.

Here’s Legal Mindset, who discusses the lawsuit, and has other videos that discuss Florida vs Disney, the potential takeover of Disney, and Disney's past legal troubles.

We wish the best for Gina Carano in her lawsuit against the most powerful entertainment company on the planet, who name-called her and fired her for her opinions on social media in 2021.

So many artists in Hollywood need this, so that they also won’t have to be bullied about their political views by Hollywood leftists, either. Conservatism is not an extreme position, nor is being a registered Republican, and we believe Hollywood needs to start integrating their staff, craftsmen, and talent with Conservatives, instead of discriminating against them in similar fashion to the way blacks were discriminated against during the civil rights era.

I’m not sure how well a takeover of Disney would go, or the lawsuit by Gina Carano, but my guess is that the company will need to reform after the negative and harmful reign of leftists like Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy. This bad publicity for all of this is just further proof that Disney is out of step with what is acceptable in society, and that they will learn a thing or two before they lose even more billions of dollars in valuation.

Did you enjoy this article? What do you think about the Gina Carano lawsuit? The Musk & Peltz takeover? Leave your thoughts down below (with subscription) or in our social media.

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by Jon Croft

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