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Ben Shapiro Reacts To Dave Chappelle & Sage Steele Cancellation

Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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If anyone knows that good that can come from being cancelled, it’s The Daily Wire, who stepped in when Gina Carano was down & out after Disney cancelled her for mean tweets. Yup, just like the meanie Trump-tweets. Absolutely criminal.

The life-lesson here is that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and now the left apparently doesn’t know not only what a treasure Gina Carano is, but also the joys of Dave Chappelle or good sports reporters like Sage Steele. That’s right, its not just millionaire comics, even sports reporters like Sage Steele are now former sports reporters. This was really important for Democrats and other self-important snake oil salesmen to do, because of how “dangerous” she is to you and me. She held sincere beliefs about vaccines being mandated on her and others, and this was unforgivable. We don’t want our society to put inordinate cares into our own health. We should do whatever health measures others tell us to do- or else.

So, as the left can no longer tolerate the jokes from Chappelle, the right can no longer tolerate a policy of vaccine mandates being forced upon people. Which one is more laughable to you? The idea that the left is trying to defend America by stealing our rights, or the idea that they can claim they’re protecting us from a virus by firing and canceling people? Now that is a good one!

The wonderful silver lining, as the Daily Wire has reminded us, is that the fewer people there are on the left, it just means we get more people on the right. And these talented people deserve fans who believe in them.

Listen to Ben Shapiro as he weighs in on this important moment for these two victims of cancel culture. 

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