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Angel Studios Makes Appearance at ShowEast, the Annual Exhibition Industry Convention in Miami

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If you’re a film exhibitor you got a special first-time film screening appearance, and a strong show of support for the theatrical experience by the growing film studio.

Angel Studios, with numerous films slated for upcoming release in theaters, including After Death (Oct 27th), The Shift (Dec 1st), and Cabrini (March 8th), makes a satisfying appearance at the annual exhibition conference, ShowEast, in Miami this week. Angel’s EVP & Global Head of Theatrical Distribution, Brandon Purdie, got to speak and to represent the fledgling studio with a substantial donation to The Cinema Foundation’s newly-formed Industry Promotions Fund, which made this year’s National Cinema Day a success. Story at Box Office Pro here.

Additionally, if you were in attendance on Tuesday night, you got to see a special early screening of Brock Heasley’s faith-based sci-fi, The Shift, at the Miami conference. What a treat! FilmExpos reports on this here.

We are told that Angel’s contribution helped to bring a 5% increase in sales to theaters at their annual National Cinema Day this year, over last year, and that hopefully these relationships will benefit cinemas as the Hollywood studios continue to back away from the theatrical experience in favor of streaming content. Angel, on the other hand, knows who butters their bread, considering the great impacts of Sound of Freedom and His Only Son, in comparison to past faith-based theatrical box office receipts, we don’t see Angel receding into the content streaming space anytime soon, and instead I imagine Angel to be pressing into their theatrical relationships with three new pictures coming in the next ~6 months!

We applaud Angel and Brandon Purdie in their efforts towards the future of cinema and the theatrical experience!

If you’re part of theatrical, you can check out ShowEast in Miami (for domestic) and if you’re into the international film expos, CineEurope & CineAsia. Go here for all three.

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