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Angel Comedy Troupe That Made "Freelancers" Wrap On Film "Go West"

Credit, Go West, JK! Studios

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Comedy troupe-creators of Angel Studios’ “Freelancers” complete principal photography on “Go West,” described as Monty Python on the Oregon Trail… with dysentery.

If you’ve never seen the VidAngel commercials, or some of the other Harmon Bros commercials you’ve never seen so much…, but more than this you’ve likely never seen the Freelancers comedy webseries. What a great gang of offbeat likeables. I mean, let’s be honest, comedy is often an acquired taste, which is why, critically, new comedy ideas or shows often get less tolerance from critics. Comedy genre “standards” can be much more strict than for say, horror or faith-based work. So, comedy filmmakers always have to work hard to get every fan it gains. Freelancers was no exception, in my view, even though they were not doing much different in their repertoire than a show like Community, albeit without Chevy Chase to weigh it down. (chortle sounds) Regardless of the critical reaction, which wasn’t much, I enjoyed almost every episode of this web series.

Did I mention their weirdly hilarious commercials? Here’s a taste of… well you know.

Revelations anew, we now have a comedy film of western-variety by the same likeable troupe!

I will definitely be going!

They are now completed with principal photography and are in post-production for the film! But, not to worry! We have a new promo video here, to give you a quick idea of what to expect. Enjoy these people because they are kind of nuts, in a good way! LOL

See their Freelancers show here, which started it all!

As stated on their site at JK! Studios, Go West comes to theaters on multiple dates. Look for your theater there.

Dates are: July 19th in Utah, August 4th in Arizona and Idaho… and the dysentery spreads all over the US on August 11th!

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