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With Success of Angel Studios, Loor.TV Launches New Competitive Streaming Model

Credit, Loor.TV

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We may have a new competitor to Angel Studios, mixing the best of Netflix, Angel, and The Daily Wire.

Learning about Angel Studios’ big successes in the last few years, we may see a platform newly coming alongside. Some attention was gained when they released a shocking animation on abortion, but now the platform has fully launched. We shouldn’t be that surprised by this. We are seeing that the market for these stories is much stronger than previously assumed, and CERTAINLY stronger than Hollywood assumed, as Sound of Freedom has proved.

The Loor.TV trailer

Loor.TV trailer

In this case, more is better. As a growing marketplace, competition gives that market choices. It lets your own style and philosophy show through your product. But if you only have one item to choose from, it’s not even much of a brand, because you have no choice if you want something special. All you get is that one thing, even if you look for something better. Additionally, as soon as that single product has competition, it forces the pioneer to compete for market share, making someone really ask themselves, “Who am I? What kind of things do I really like, and why? Do I really need this new product?” All of these are important questions because people matter, and their opinions matter.

How Loor.TV works

Essentially what we’re saying when we do not allow competition, is “your opinion doesn’t matter,” and “Your taste as an individual is worthless.” I don’t think that’s a fair belief to come to, and I believe that you matter, as an individual.

This is an American ideal. These are American values. You can see that your opinion matters to Loor.TV, as it’s part of their business model, so to me that means Loor matters.

So, why not have a competitor to other faith-based or conservative entertainment? In comes Loor is something special in between Netflix, The Daily Wire, and Angel Studios, even though they might prefer to describe it themselves differently, so please watch their own descriptions of themselves. But, to me, they seem to be taking a middle road between them all. This is not a bad thing, but I do think it’s interesting that their model strikes an interesting balance. They seem to be marketing as a “counter-culture rogue” of sorts. So I say, “know thyself”. If you’re going to go with it, go with it!

Some Christians may not value this pioneering spirit, but I think it’s a valuable and brave stance, even necessary in this day & age. I think that those who stand outside of Christianity often ignore the fact that Christians are huge pioneers, socially, culturally, and technologically. Funny enough, even some fellow Christians don’t appreciate this, though the world they currently find comfort in has, more often than not, come from the sacrifices of their brave brothers in the faith. Like the American revolutionaries, they are the brothers they will foolishly repudiate, then benefit from their sacrifices after their martyrdom. But if you study the Bible, you can see clearly that we aren’t supposed to judge our fellow brothers in the faith so critically. If you read the Bible, you see that it’s our Love for each other, instead of our judgment, that is the very witness needed to prove we are God’s children.

Jason Farley on Taking Back Ground Podcast

I’m saying all this because I think we should show our new neighbor some warm welcoming appreciation, because we value them. People like them can give our community strength, because we agree on the essentials (Americanism & the Christian faith), meaning we are free to showcase how a community can disagree on a whole host of other more aesthetic choices. Which, for effect, displays the beauty of God’s creation.

They add to the community, as you can see if you watch their short film about abortion, “The Procedure”. Here it is. Truly a bold counter-cultural film, in the vein of Sound of Freedom, but much shorter, and animated. It’s true, I may have only (personally) watched the Procedure short film that came from them, but I’m sure they will have much more to offer, and given they are funding multiple projects, it looks like they already offer a lot.

Speaking of how they are funding their projects, it is funded through a subscription like Daily Wire or Netflix, but unlike them, you the subscriber get to decide WHERE your funds get allocated. YOU decide (through something called “Loot”), which projects you deem worthy of “the green light”. Then after it is fully funded, it gets to be completed. So, it’s a hybrid of a subscription and a crowdfunding model, giving you choices. Very interesting, indeed.

The trailers have a very diverse and indie vibe. This may be good or bad, I’m not sure. As a media company I can only say so much about a trailer, because I know trailers can only say so much about the final product. But I really enjoy the discussions they’ve had on media, on entertainment, and on culture. This gives me a sign that they may be on the right path as a company, since this looks like they are on the right path as people.

Teach All Nations trailer
Gothix trailer
Churchville trailer

This looks like a lot of fun to me! There are many more projects being planned such as a series inspired by the Psalms, a series with teddy bears acting out the salty parts of the Bible (what a concept!), and many many more!

I’m going to be giving them a try, and will report more on what I see there later. Stay tuned on Loor.TV or try them out for yourself here.

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