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Weekend Box Office: Sound of Freedom Takes Top Spots Internationally: #1 in Mexico, #1 in NZ, #2 in Australia

Jim Caviezel in promo materials for Sound of Freedom, credit, Angel Studios

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Sound of Freedom is facing a potential tsunami of box office coming in internationally. Not in the western world, necessarily, but in Latin America.

*Note: I didn’t get some of this info earlier, because international information isn’t always coming through. More on this later, but suffice to say, we will have to work to get better sources for international box office.

Now on to the story.

The Sound of Freedom legacy continues in victory after victory, despite the controversy and claims of conspiracy by certain political parties who seek to muddy the waters. Funny enough, many will say this is no victory because often few theaters will show this controversial film, but where it is allowed to be shown freely, it takes top spots. Many may also say this is a small amount of money. That’s fine, but to truly understand the success here, you have to understand that international markets are different than domestic, and often any kind of presence is a victory in a territory, especially when you’re talking about independent film outside the Hollywood system.

Speaking of bad statistics coming in from overseas, South Africa is often inconsistent in reporting but it was still #2, but mostly the issue was in Australia. Australia was a bit of a scandal over last weekend (Aug 25), because not only were there reports of theaters mistreating moviegoers, but also Australia didn’t report numbers to Box Office Mojo at all last weekend. I was holding out for these numbers, so it made this box office report late for me. Thankfully came through to reveal that Sound of Freedom was #2 in Australia last weekend. I will be trusting in Box Office Mojo less and less as these issues continue to happen. But thankfully Mojo got us Columbia’s numbers this weekend.

That’s right the film debuted in Latin America. And it’s been delightful.

Is it more impressive than Oceania’s numbers? Yes. Mexico and Central and South America is doing gangbusters. How do we know, when we often don’t get reports? We have bellweathers. In this case it’s Mexico & Columbia. It’s been #1 in Mexico under the name Sonido de Libertad (as reported on, and it has gone #1 in Columbia (per What do you think the means for the rest of Latin America?

When you compare the numbers just in Mexico by themselves to Australia, New Zealand, and even the UK, Mexico beats them all, combined. Add Columbia ($1M) and all the other nations in Latin America, and you may have a box office tsunami.

Get ready!

Here’s the sources

Mexico’s Sept 1st numbers are here.

Columbia’s Sept 1st numbers are here.

New Zealand’s Aug 25th opening weekend numbers are here.

Australia’s Aug 25th opening numbers are here.

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