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Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0

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Tucker Carlson, FOX’s most popular show host placed most-appropriately during their prime time hours, was unceremoniously canned by the quickly waning FOX News channel, with the 2024 election anticipation shadow looming. Many have speculated that FOX’s loss to Dominion in their lawsuit is being blamed on Tucker, though this doesn’t seem to hold much weight. Tucker wasn’t the biggest proponent of the Dominion lawsuit narrative on their channel, nor was he an “Always Trumper” as some call them. He has been critical on both sides, or at least more skeptical than most of Fox about the election-stolen conspiratorial funeral party that Trump and many MAGA tout as indisputable fact.

Other guesses on why Tucker was canned seem more viable, in my opinion, such as Murdoch not liking the prayers & appeal to faith that Tucker has displayed publicly, and the long-term vaccine and Ukraine skepticism that he is honest about on his show. All of these issues are Red state red meat that the MAGA crowd like to discuss openly, and that Fox News DOESN’T.

Take your guess on what it’s about but no official statement or indication has been given.

The next question now, is whether Fox News will bar him from doing a journalistic show, through some sort of non-compete clause or if legal trouble will successfully gag him from speaking out negatively about Fox.

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