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The Legendary Van Morrison Puts Ignorant Health Ministers On Notice

sahlgoode, CC BY-SA 2.0

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When public officials get it wrong and end up harming the public, sadly it may take citizens in the private sphere, or even greatly respected people in the community such as legendary musician Van Morrison, to take then to task in order to hold them accountable. Such is the confrontation between a public health official in the UK and Morrison, who has been vilified by numerous culturally influential institutions such as Rolling Stone magazine, along with UK politicians. That hasn’t stopped Van Morrison from fighting back, so while he does us “a huge solid” by continuing to write powerful and well crafted songs in opposition to bad health policy, he also has had to counter-sue a public health official for suing him.

For the charge of harming the public, both parties could claim to be on the right AND wrong side of this debate. And both could be held liable for “harming the public” based upon what our understanding of the coof has now become. Luckily, more evidence is showing that Van Morrison seems to be on the right side of this debate, and this isn’t me saying this- it’s numerous health officials, researchers, and doctors themselves. Look it up!

Generally, viruses have shown throughout history to be quite capable in increasing their virality and decreasing their lethality as they continue to mutate, and our history of epidemiology and virology has shown this to be the case more often than not. This is how viruses like the common cold and the flu have survived for centuries, they reduce in lethality and increase in virality. How a public health official can simply ignore these facts is shocking to most any professional practicing in the sciences, and no doubt beyond the imaginations of so many victims of bad health policy in the UK as well. Yet here we are, with artists and public figures, having to risk their careers just to try to ensure the public gets a common sense policy that won’t harm innocent civilians in the UK. It’s unconscionable, possibly criminal.

Well, anyway, I support the Belfast-based musician and public figure, even if he took some major risks to his career to annoy all the right people. Listen to his latest anti-lockdown music here or play here on our Spotify embed.

We are not making any claims here, controversial or not. Here is one of many places you can find this story, if you want to read more.

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