"Zion Caravan Tour" Features Grey Havens, LOVKN, Antoine Bradford, John Mark Pantana & Mark Barlow

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by Jon Croft
"Zion Caravan Tour" Features Grey Havens, LOVKN, Antoine Bradford, John Mark Pantana & Mark Barlow

One of my favorite artists has been John Mark Pantana in the last few years, and some other artists, such as LOVKN and Antoine Bradford who are also performing in this tour, were (for me) all discovered through Pantana. I learned about Barlow after finding out that he was part of Isla Vista Worship. He was the obvious soul influence in the Soul Hymns album, which we wrote about here. It was only through this tour that I learned about The Grey Havens, who appear to be growing and getting better, as a band.

Here is where you can learn about the tour, and buy tickets.

The tour begins tonight Nov 7th in Richmond, VA, travels south to Greensboro, NC the next day, then to Charleston, SC on Nov 9th. On Friday, Nov 10th they make it to Jacksonville, FL, and then on Saturday the 11th they’ll be doing their big show in Orlando. Then they will finish up on Monday back up in Chatanooga, TN. Tickets are only $25.

This looks to be a small tour mostly in the southern regions, but it looks to be a fun tour. Whether you can attend or not, discovering these artists on YouTube or Spotify is definitely worth it.

If you’ve never heard of John Mark Pantana you have been missing out! Here’s some great stuff from him, Love Secrets, first. I mean, just masterful work. What. A. Great. Album.

Then, Antoine Bradford has a really great EP here. (an EP is a short album typically consisting of 5-6 songs).

And Mark Barlow, as stated, is part of Isla Vista Worship, which put out a great album, Charmed, over the summer. I spoke about them here. But he did a solo project Hymns & Soul, separate from Isla. As you can tell, Barlow is obsessed with soul music, and he is quite good at it.

And of course LOVKN is very heartfelt & expressive.

And The Grey Havens does some interesting work here. Very contemplative.

All of these bands and their respective work is just very powerful, skillful, and worshipful work, so how could this tour not be amazing?

I leave you with John Mark Pantana’s latest work here, He Is Risen. Wow.

Did you enjoy this article? Let me know if anyone has decided to attend this tour and if anyone was made aware of this work through this story! Comment on our socials or down below (with subscription).

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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