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On Normal World, Flawdzilla Proves To Be Grateful For His Lot in Life

Grateful cover, Credit Flawdzilla 2023

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Even though Normal World doesn’t always have musical acts on their show (as they should), I was introduced to this great song by Flawdzilla… “Grateful”. It paints a picture of an imperfect person like all of us, learning how imperfect he is, but seeing that putting in his effort, and being grateful to God in everything is the answer. This kind of song can make every day, even the tough ones, worthwhile.

Flawd is here on YouTube as well (not for kids), but I really enjoy his tunes most. This made the first episode of Normal World really great for me. It’s at the end of that episode here. This show is not for kids, but the song is pretty sweet, y’all.

Here is the song by itself.

And here it is on Spotify, along with some of his other work.

Catch Normal World on Blaze Media, as well as on YouTube.

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