'Disney Tapes' Drops, Exposing Racially Insensitive Hiring Practices

'Disney Tapes' Drops, Exposing Racially Insensitive Hiring Practices

The House of Iger gets caught red-handed once again with their hands in the woke cookie jar. Teaching us once again that this entertainment company is no longer family-friendly.

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by Jon Croft

Disney is at it again... And James O'Keefe is on the case again.

Are you wondering to whom does megacorp, Disney, gives the shaft? I'm not. Are you wondering if this also makes their hiring practices sexist? I'm not wondering. At all. I know they are targeting a certain "hated class of people" because this is what corporation led by divisive and hateful leftists do today. They are the "slave-master class" of ideologues. And they may as well have a sign on their front gate at Disney's Orlando Parks that says, "White Males Not Served Here."

This simple act may help us to understand everything going on behind those gates.

Here is James O'Keefe exposing the truth at Disney.

These are the kinds of racist policies you are supporting when you buy their vacation packages, their streaming services, and their movie tickets.

Please consider uncovering more of the truths behind this company. Don't take my word for it. Look it up yourself.

There is a reason that conservative uber-chad Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has gone on a war path to stop illegal practices there. We did an article on this here.

Hollywood May Be Asking “Does Crime Pay?” While Forensic Audit Reveals Criminal Activity at Disney’s Reedy Creek in Florida
Uh oh, what is Disney going to do now? And what lessons do we find for the film industry now and into the future? How about... don’t break the law for starters. Bob Iger’s strategic political battles with the Florida government (which has given The Walt Disney Corporation decades of

And there's a reason we did a story on them here (down below) as well. They have gotten in trouble, not only with the law in Florida, but also with violation of Gina Carano's free speech, so she claims in her lawsuit against them. So, hiring and firing and the legality of such policies and practices appears to be a common no-no in the Mouse House.

Gina Carano and Elon Musk Enter Into Legal Action Against Disney, Only Days After Elon Hints He May Be In Talks to Takeover Mouse House
Some may scoff at the humble speculation on a takeover by Elon Musk, which may be all this is, but you’d have to be more familiar with Musk and Peltz and their recent run-ins with Disney’s Bob Iger to know that this is likely a bit more substantial

As the lawyer in the video says, this is often explained as an attempt for Disney to make more money, but really, as he says, it is a racial goal that the higher-ups in the company have for themselves. But even if it was racism for the sake of money... isn't that what the racist south did during the slave trade before the U.S. Civil War?

The fact that anybody could support this is unbelievable.

We hope that discovering more during this "Moment of Disney Exposure" at O'Keefe Media will be a productive exploration for us all. But this has been happening there for some time, and O'Keefe did an exposé at Project Veritas two years ago as well.

Will something finally happen to prevent Disney from continuing to discriminate against whites, or will racial injustice continue to rule and reign in our nation and around the world?

Did you enjoy learning about the continued discrimination happening at Disney Corp? Do you have an opinion on this? Comment down below (with subscription) or on our social media!

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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