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The Babylon Bee's New Woke Jesus Threatens to Take Over America and The West

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In the wake of the story on DW's Mr. Birchum, and Brett Cooper discussing how comedy is waning in our culture here, I found this to be a bright light of hope for our future in America. Is it political? Yes. But also is it about comedy, culture, religion, and media? Yes, yes, and yes.

And I'm sure many of the fake new Christian churches we find now may get some enjoyment. More on that here.

Yes, I'm sure many, many churches will be able to use this handy instructive video about who the make-believe Jesus is, and so, of course for all of you social progressive Marxist-affirming queer "Christian" churches... please enjoy your confusion when Christ returns to earth, coming into diametrically opposed views with your make-believe religion of self-worship.

But most of all, let's just get a kick out of how many false believers there are in the fake and dying church denominations that actually affirm this made-up religion.

Welcome to your new faith!

Boy, I can't wait for all of these crazy people to come out of their delusions about Jesus. But. sad to say for many of them, they will be lost forever, because they won't be bothered to actually seek God, read the Bible, and to turn from their sin in repentance. They will only get back-patting affirmations instead.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the Bee's incredible talents!

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