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New Avant-Garde Faith-Based Platform,, Releases GOTHIX Doc to Subscribers December 19th

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The long-awaited freedom of speech documentary about YouTube influencer, Gothix, who was cancelled by her so-called friends, comes to Dec 19th.

If you’ve never heard of, they are an avant-garde, faith-based, and crowdfunded VOD platform based out of Spokane, WA. Avant-garde as in "aesthetically innovative," or a "vanguard artist".

We have done an article on them before, here.

If you’ve never heard of Gothix, she is an inspiring celebrity and YouTube influencer who became a Christian and decided to say some things online about what’s called “race-swapping”. She was summarily canned (aka. cancelled) by so many people online that she decided to leave the online community for some time. But her true fans are strong fans, so I believe this is what brought her back and what brought her this opportunity to make an in-depth documentary about her journey.

As writes in their blog, here, Gothix is available for subscribers to view as of December 19th on the platform. They give a 14-day free trial on the platform to try it out, and to see info your contribution is going to be going somewhere useful and meaningful- not just to random content that might have messaging you don’t agree with.

There is also a promo made in cooperation with the filmmakers to bring the film to the platform early. Down below, the filmmaker of Gothix helps you get 10% off the subscription fee, here.

Why so long-awaited? raises money on their platform with your $14/mo subscriber funds, which get applied to whichever project you deem worthy (using credits called LOOT). With many subscribers this makes funding (similarly to Netflix) fairly easy, but without a larger body of subscribers this could take some time. Really, you want at least a million subscribers in order to release content on a fairly consistent basis.

For example, if you seek to put out a film on a platform like this, you’d be able to purchase a distribution agreement from a filmmaker or production company or the IP holder for a greatly reduced price, but you’d only get it temporarily, so you wouldn’t own it. But what people like Netflix tend to do is to provide specialized content that you can only get behind a subscriber-benefit paywall. This means that outright owning that content is king, for the company, and it is the primary attraction to buy into a streaming service, for the customer.

However, this model hasn’t always proven to be successful for these VOD streaming services, because people forget that the “king of streaming”, Netflix, didn’t build their subscriber base by making new content, but by licensing out every kind of content for very cheaply (on DVD) for a long while before making their own. You could rent almost any movie from them (even very obscure indies) on DVD sent in the mail, for a basic subscription fee. After a decade of renting out physical media, they started streaming that same licensed content online and on-demand. And then 15 years after that, Netflix began creating their own content in order to keep their content protected behind a “walled garden”, cradle-to-grave. This makes them a strong IP holder now because they still refuse to license it out (and even refuse to show it in theaters- which is my second major issue with Netflix, after my primary issue with them, which is their sexualization of children due to their politics).

We’re talking a quarter of a century of building into their brand before they can raise funds easily to produce shows and films on the regular. That’s a long time, and it’s what gave them a leg up on any competing streamer.

So how will do this much quicker than a quarter of a century? I will tell you.

My new article on this… to be published tomorrow, will require a free subscription to view. Look for “How Can Build A Better Platform: A Lesson for Curated VOD,” coming tomorrow.

In the meantime, go here to subscribe to in order to see the entire film GOTHIX, on their platform. You can use promo code: GOTHIX to get 10% off and help their release specifically.

The Toxic Femininity Show has Gothix on to talk about her doc.

Gothix also has her own livestream to talk about the release of her doc, here. -

Gothix also appears at and supports the #WalkAway movement, here.

Once again, Gothix is available right now! You can get a discount, sure, but what's most important is that we get these stories out. Let's make a difference. And check out our article tomorrow about and how platforms like this can improve called "How Can Build A Better Platform: A Lesson for Curated VOD." This article will only be available to members (this is free currently).

Did you enjoy this story on Gothix and Did you know about Gothix and her cancellation before this? Let us know what you think down below (with subscription), or on our socials!