Tuttle Twins Book Series Now Brings Freedom and Fun To Screens Everywhere

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by Jon Croft
Tuttle Twins Book Series Now Brings Freedom and Fun To Screens Everywhere
The Tuttle Twins share laughs and ethical principles through time-traveling stories. (Angel Studios, 2021)

 One of the largest kids fundraising campaigns for an animated kid’s show have been instrumental in bringing the Tuttle Twins to families during the pandemic. And now a best selling book series is a TV show, after the nearly $3.7 mil “Angel” investor commitment was successful. The Tuttle Twins aims to teach fundamental economic and free market principles to children instead of building in them the inherent authoritarianism of socialist ideology, which our kids (as we have learned) have been getting in the public schools. Kids get to learn fair play and sharing from an ethical perspective as opposed to it being from a political and socially antagonistic direction. But more than that, it’s fun, innocent, and well made. 

Not only is this campaign a great success but the angel investor platform that made this possible, “Angel Funding” (also a part of “Angel Studios”) also helped raise funds for the faith-based series “The Chosen” and has been experiencing a successful rash of projects, including “Dry Bar Comedy” and an animated feature film about King David as a child (see “David”).

This isn’t just a fly-by-night kid’s show dumped on some random subscription service that you have to manage, either. No. Angel Studios has been releasing all of their content on a fantastic app for free, that can cast your shows onto virtually any screen. You can also “pay it forward” to other viewers if you do plan to pay for this show and support the creators. It’s a new distribution model that I hope will take the world by storm, as it already seems to be doing with The Chosen series! I hope that Angel will continue in this effort and get far more projects originated this way! Fun, easy, and quality story-telling for the whole family!

The Washington Post reports on the show here.

You can watch the first episode in entirely on YouTube, and more, on their channel here.

Go here to learn more, or even potentially invest in this project from Angel Studios, and put your two cents in.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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