Livestream Reveals Angel's Testament Is Also Becoming A Series

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by Jon Croft
Livestream Reveals Angel's Testament Is Also Becoming A Series

It's happening again, and we are seeing a continual growth of Angel Studios in making projects that will become both films as well as streaming series that can be viewed through a pay-it-forward plan of some kind.

I don't mean that Angel has both films & series. That is obvious.

I mean that Angel is pioneering the multiple-window, multiple-format platform.

"What does this mean?" you may ask. This means that key properties display a certain potential, as the blockbuster model used to do for many franchises at the studios- a certain potential that makes room for an expanded universe or more sprawling story that can be turned into not just films, but also film specials, series, and series shown in theaters, as The Chosen has done (and as Homestead may do) and now as Testament may also do. All of this from the same franchise or universe.

So, a The Chosen season on streaming leads to a Christmas Special in theaters, which leads to additional specials, and now the entire Season 4 being screened in theaters before reaching streaming.

Many other Angel properties may follow in this pattern to release multiple formats, but here's the key to making it work... also releasing it in multiple windows. Multiple windows allows exclusive perks and products to be monetized more effectively, as a special brand of consumer shows up and supports those filmmakers and their work.

What makes this new level of product involvement possible?


The very thing that Hollywood distanced itself from after Sound of Freedom made Hollywood manifest it's evil snake head. Hollywood acted like crowdfunding was shady, while trying to find something- anything wrong with the film that it could find. I'm sure many will forget that five minutes ago, Hollywood was throwing crowdfunding under the bus in order to attack Sound of Freedom, but we didn't.

They "investigated" it, as we spoke about it here in a past article.

But the truth is, a more involved and excited fanbase makes all of these extra products and experiences possible. Merch? Possible. DVD's? Possible. A Chosen devotional book? Yep. A theatrical experience for the best multi-season series about the life of Jesus? Let's do it!

Sure, many who are not involved or do not care that our culture is corrupt, likely won't know or won't care.

But we do.

Here is their announcement that thanks to Angel's support for Testament's little story about the Acts of the Apostles set in a parallel universe, they will soon be turning it into a series as well! They've already been filming and are now getting things ready for a premier soon!

Watch below!

They expect to be ready to show their first season by January 2025. I expect their first trailer will be coming this summer!

If you haven't seen Testament the film, yet, you can go here and watch it, or watch it on the Angel app. And here is our other story on Testament we did some time ago.

Did you enjoy this article? We are happy to see that Angel continues to make advances in funding, technology, product releases, and format. What else do you think Angel can do better than Hollywood? And, are you excited for Testament? Let us know down below (with subscription) or on our social media!

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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