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Angel's Biblical Series "Testament" Touts Interesting World-Building Based in an Alternate Reality

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The world-building of Angel's new series Testament is very impressive. Currently in its funding/filming stage, Testament presents a compelling storytelling device, as a modern retelling of it's biblical source material. Maybe I should say, not so much "modern" as it is an "alternate timeline." The series itself is based upon the book of Acts in the New Testament, but this arternate timeline makes it an interesting prospect.

For example, a favorite prop of the cast and crew was the “batons,” a thoughtful and creative weapon that's dated back to that time period. It speaks to the past, while simultaneously looking to the future.

“...this is not a world where guns exist.” - Production Designer Toyosi Fuwa says.

There are some obvious technical advancements, such as the main character Luke using a voice recorder to orate his notes. However, they are doing an amazing job overall and Testament will definitely be on our radar.

You can find out more about it here.

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