Laurence Fox Arrested in What Appears To Be Classic Case of UK “Show Me The Man” Corruption

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by Jon Croft
Laurence Fox Arrested in What Appears To Be Classic Case of UK “Show Me The Man” Corruption
Laurence Fox at Reclaim the Media

This has been a Live Not By Lies moment the last few weeks. We get Russell Brand, and now we get Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox, of GB News and of My Son Hunter. When will we begin to see what a cultural revolution can do to a country?

Above we see a portion of the scene in which Fox was arrested.

We were just discussing communist and Marxist totalitarianism on Monday, through the lens of Solzhenitsyn & Dreher’s “live not by lies” message. This message is most prescient today, where even government does not know, nor understand, how corrupt it has become and government that cooperates with big corporations to push social agendas is even worse. This is because it lives within its own world constructed by a lie, in this case the lie that a man who speaks according to his conscience is a guilty man.

Live Not By Lies is a docuseries Angel Studios is working on now. It is based upon the book by Rod Dreher called Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents, and it is partly based upon Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. It discusses some of this, but to dig down into this you have to understand how Marxists view justice. Our other article on this is here, and I gave a more recent update on the project here.

Stalin’s special head of secret police, Lavrentiy Beria, once said something like “if you show me the man, I will show you the crime.” This was a bold admission from Beria that he was not concerned with the safety of the people of his nation, nor with the truth of the crime, but instead was concerned with policing individual people who were on the hit list of a government most concerned with fighting thought-crime and covering it’s own tracks.

This philosophy results in following around and harassing citizens who do not agree with the common sentiment in the Party, or in government, and so they must eventually run them out of town (which generally consists of putting lead in people’s heads) or shoving them into closets and holes and throwing away the key holding them there (in the form of gulags). This comes after the arduous hit list-making process which gets easier as you just label people “Jews” or “deplorables” or “traitors” or “racists” or “misogynists” or “conspiracy theorists” or “terrorists” of some kind in a process that takes all of five minutes. That’s the amount of thought that goes into if they are “guilty” of some “crime.”

But, it’s the fear of being branded as something “socially unacceptable” that makes this so effective. So, if we didn’t care this branding process wouldn’t need to exist.

The branding allows unjust prosecution to be streamlined. The statement “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime” is one that puts cart before horse, meaning that no substantive crime need be committed, whatsoever. They just need to not like your opinionated speech, and then, a government overrun with bad laws “can prosecute a ham sandwich,” as they say.

Just speaking your mind is plenty, even in the freest nation on the globe. Lawyers know this very well, as they beg their clients to never speak openly in front of law enforcement. This is because everything you say can AND WILL be used against you in the interest of adding you to the many numbers in prison. They’ll be happy to set aside a room for you. A shiv that fits perfectly between your ribs has been carefully crafted, just for you. But this is a longer-term process, which can serve as a mask over what is truly happening behind the scenes, one which only APPEARS to be fair and just from the outside.

As we now know, Beria’s process consisted all of a few steps: hit list, black wagon, guilty verdict, gun to the head, & a mop to clean up the blood. Everything else is just for appearances. This expedited process can happen in a matter of a single day, with hundreds of innocent people Beria considered to be traitors to the Party.

Let us once and for all root out the seeds of individual ambition. Let us smash any manifestation of anti-party groupism, put an end to efforts to destroy party discipline, in whatever form these efforts manifest themselves

– Lavrentiy Beria

There is more information on him here.

The Secret Police literally constructed the floors of his execution room to be slanted, to make it more efficient to mop up the blood. They have to keep things clean and well-ordered, you know.

So, while our society encourages people to speak freely on social media, nobody expects the “Spanish Inquisition” that comes afterwards. They won’t tell you it’s coming, they will just gather as much evidence needed to make it look like you deserve prison on their government-owned media outlets. Arresting you is only ticking a box on a list by that time. In the future, as they gain more power maybe they can install some newly slanted floors. Neat & tidy, right?

So, what are we getting here with Laurence Fox and GB News? How does an offensive comment about women lead to handcuffing someone for a separate comment about Blade Runners in England? Now you know.

They found the man, and then they found the crime.

Any normal government, one that is presumably seeking justice would instead see a man’s right to speak freely as non-criminal behavior, even offensive speech. Then, if someone gets caught doing a crime, then the evidence is found and brought forward. But no, in this case they won’t even wait for a crime to happen. This is the sad state of thought-crime justice in the UK. And with the internet and devices in your hands, it is getting worse.

Liberal media can incite not just vandalism but violence. What happens to them?
Bail outs.
Community Protection.

So I figure conservatives are feeling a bit left out here? Where are the goodies for them? None? Do you have a back room where you keep all the $100k swag bags that your lefty celebrities get?

Oh that’s right, these are for the people who gave away their souls to you… for trinkets.

Instead, we value our rights, our thoughts, our spirits, our souls. We have no lying virtue signal speeches for you. No lies to offer to try to add some fake legitimacy to your crumbling kingdom of zombified stupidity. You get no sympathy from me. You get no struggle sessions. We will admit no crime to you because these are the lies you want me to live by, and I say no.

We are the heroes who will unseat you.

And our stories will live on forever.

Yours live in infamy, German Himmler and Soviet Himmler. They are they same. Just another follower of the death cult called collectivism, of which fascism is the right wing and communism is the left. And this dodo bird will be doing the lemming walk straight into hell.

Don’t go there with it, friends.

Support Live Not By Lies here, read Dreher’s book, and don’t believe all the lies the leftist UK media tells you. Go to to support.

Here’s Anglican minister, Calvin Robinson explaining what happened here.

Here is Fox’s response today, after being arrested and released. He even mentions Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag Archipelago. These stories become more relevant as these events keep happening.

Did you enjoy this article? Are you a fan of Laurence Fox now? Did you know he supported the Blade Runners in England, and that he is trying to help reform the nation? Let us know in our social media, or comment down below (with subscription).

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by Jon Croft

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