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Lara Logan on the Rogue Resistance Podcast

Lara Logan

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On the Rogue Resistance Podcast, Lara Logan lays down controversial truths for people to choke on. As Lara Logan calls it, not the woke culture, but the “shove it down your throat culture.” In the halls of Hollywood, her theory is that they don’t care about art or economics anymore, but instead about politics, or by “fear, or some other agenda”. Even more controversially, she goes farther. She says that “Economically, financially, it’s being sustained by some other force. Right? That tells you everything you need to know about how much support they really have.”

This really makes you think about how Star Wars, or Star Trek, for example, got so far away from their original inspiration, as opposed to sticking with their fans. Insert almost ANY large franchise in Hollywood today. It appears they all stopped caring about good storytelling, and about fans, and instead they started caring about politics, and agendas. What about what art & story is supposed to do for us, which is to entertain and enlighten and benefit mankind by speaking the truth? No longer. Now it’s about propaganda, and checking off the virtue signal boxes. They were lulled to sleep by lies, and they called it woke.

Coming in at about 1:44:30 she starts speaking on culture & entertainment.

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