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'Judged by Matt Walsh' Successfully Premieres Unscripted Comedy Show for DailyWire+

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When I wrote about this show recently on the (members only) Media Moses Weekly article, I mentioned I was curious if it was more of an unscripted or reality-tv-style show or if it was more of a funny sitcom with comedians. It turns out they went the easier route with unscripted. And yet they make plenty of opportunities for comedy to occur, with Matt and the bailiff going off-the-cuff at key moments.

Here is the first episode, and link to the Premiere Event below which has plenty of funny commentary on how they made this show, as well as Matt answering many questions from the live audience.

“JUDGED by Matt Walsh” Premiere Event
Watch the live series premiere of “JUDGED by Matt Walsh.” Plus, after the world premiere stick around for a live Q&A where you can ask Judge Walsh for help settling your own petty grievances.

There are a few interesting and awkward moments, and from this you can tell that these are real cases... that's right. During the premiere event they discuss that these are actual cases. Obviously while they are real, Matt Walsh has no legal authority to hold someone legally accountable, but it makes great 'courtroom drama' or rather 'comedy' to see these cases judged this way.

In regards to these cases being real, you can actually go to to have your own 'real case' judged by Matt Walsh, if they deem it to be appropriate for the show!

You can catch both the 1st and 2nd episode now on with subscription! Enjoy!

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