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Joe-Bot: A Disturbing Satirical Reminder of Our President's Sad State

Joe-Bot, credit, PolitiZoid

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Politizoid’s popular Joe-Bot series of videos humorously lambast our President with poignant relevance. How so? In particular, they use the actual words and claims our President makes, which can be quite problematic. If taken literally, these claims become just as absurd as the videos themselves, as we analyze them more closely. He plays our malfunctioning “A.I. President of the Future,”  a depiction (almost) of a “Max Headrome-style” avatar, yet ever more surreal and satirical with each episode. The animated bot also pokes at Brandon’s seeming lack of short term memory in an appropriately edged way, because it asks us, “Should a president of our United States demonstrate this level of absurd ‘disability’ without accountability?” These issues do not bode well for a robot or even for a President if he is to operate effectively. Not to mention it does not bode well for anyone for whom he is supposed to be working. That’s all of us, if you weren’t aware.

   While making pointed remarks towards the Biden administration as a whole, it does so in such a way that is entertaining and disturbing while also forcing us to ask ourselves what could have brought us to such a sad place. So why are we allowing this vegetable to be President if he cannot function normally on a daily basis? 

   Currently, there are 13 videos up, each one about a different issue our President is tackling, and failing utterly at doing so. The latest episode is available to watch on their blog website or Rumble. Check out the Joe-Bot here:

Or use the rumble link.
or visit their home page:

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