Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” & MacDonald's “American Flags” Top Music Charts

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by Jon Croft
Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” & MacDonald's “American Flags” Top Music Charts
"Try That In A Small Town", credit, Jason Aldean on YouTube

Did they try to cancel Jason Aldean “in a small town” so-to-speak? Apparently not. After he released the song, CMT removed his song from the channel, and cancellation procedures began, but those who supported Aldean and American freedom came out, and pushed the demon back into the shadows.

So, No, is the answer. As it turns out, it’s a big enough music industry that the cancelers lost the battle, likely thinking they had more clout than they actually possess. Aldean ended up with fame and fortune even while CMT and hundreds of influential online mob cancelers tried, and failed, to stop him. But did his figurative “Small Town” come out to support him? Absolutely.

Of course the accusation was “racism,” or “fascism,” or something, but does it even matter at this point? No. Don’t expect any of these “accusations” to have any merit worth examining. We already know they won’t. Music has nuance, and obviously a canceling mob won’t have any of that. I doubt CMT has any either. They are corporate money bags.

Jason Aldean has been attacked by music industry suits and copycats who haven’t got the memo that American culture matters, and how you come across to the American people matters. Many of these copycats take the form of “artists” who exist only to parrot those on top of their religious totem pole. And likewise, you can look down the pole to the listeners and fans who follow mindlessly, like a typical episode from the Walking Dead. The cancelers never consider that one day they will be cancelled as well, because they’re just waiting for their turn in their own “circular firing squad.” Better to get out now, and do it will a “rebel yell,” while they can- not with an ignoble dying of the Light in their souls. They’ve likely already been bought and sold, but just in case they haven’t, it’s a good idea to consider that American freedom makes freedom of speech and (therefore) your art, possible. But, I guess many would rather take their chances with the mob. Not a smart move.

Now, we are getting a movement going, and these zombies aren’t included. Tom MacDonald (who often teams up with Adam Calhoun) are the next stage to riding on top of “the cancel culture wave” into fame. His songs aren’t even included in most industry charts, he is so hated by the zombie music industry. But look, he reaches #2 of the Apple Music Charts, as shows us, underneath Jason Aldean’s leading spot on August 2nd with his country hit, “Try That in a Small Town.”

US Songs, Top Entires for August 2 on, Credit,

If you’d support these two artists, you will join the ranks of the parallel economy, the American Patriot who has had enough of the cancel mob. You will be sending a very clear signal to the zombie-culture that “you are fully capable of thinking for yourself and voting with your dollars, thank you very much.” Buying on iTunes & Amazon shows up on charts and helps them count the number of downloads. You can also go to to buy music & merch from Tom MacDonald, who often gets cancelled and “demonetized.”

Watch Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun’s “American Flags” music video here & below.

Enjoy these songs with the “Rebel Yell” that America need now!

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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