“It’s a Shame”: Oliver Anthony Puts Pretense Behind, Criticizing People On All Sides

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by Jon Croft
“It’s a Shame”: Oliver Anthony Puts Pretense Behind, Criticizing People On All Sides

Oliver Anthony, connecting with his audience again, points cannons to set the record straight. He criticizes conservative news, the right, the left, and many who seek to popularize, plagiarize, and poo poo the true feelings he is attempting to get out there, a feeling of sympathy for the poor and those being crushed by a worldwide system of evil that he perceives is governing our world. I don’t think he is far off.

Oliver even took shots at the music industry saying: “It’s worse than we think” in his video shared midday yesterday. Saying he “could care less” about the iTunes charts, he is centering his voice on doing something specific. “Connecting with people” is what he cares about, including reaching the poor and forgotten people.

What many fans of his might not realize is that who the “marginalized” are has changed in the last few years, but I think Oliver Anthony is very intimate with this change. Poor white males are right up there now, instead of only the people that (we think) we are helping through the pandering and demagoguery we see in politics today, and in Hollywood. But they got your money and voice, (they don’t need you to do more) so now they want us to go home. Don’t worry about solving the problem. But what if we really want to solve the problem? Could it be that the liberals who taught us once that they seek to help the poor, women, and minorities haven’t actually done that, and instead, have made us ALL marginalized through their political lobbying and boondoggle welfare programs? You mean they just wanted our money? That very well could be true. Oliver Anthony’s testimony kind of makes that growing idea more apparent, in my view. They just take from us, but won’t actually fill their end of the bargain.

But what I love most is his clarity of direction. That this is a worldwide movement to stop the abuse of power… which harms regular people. That is refreshing to hear. And it’s why I rave about him, even though some might call us the conservative news he’s referring to, but we’re not. That’s fine, I don’t mind. I actually happen to agree with him on these takes. And his music is all the sweeter for it, which is primarily our focus here at Media Moses… good art, media, and entertainment that rebuilds American values, and in process reintroduces a Christian ethic to society. One that protects the poor and marginalized, but also gifts good people with rights to follow their conscience and hearts as they see fit. “Doing justice” is what the Bible calls it.

Doing justice is referenced many times in the Bible. Here’s two of them.

I think Oliver Anthony wants society to “do justice”. Not to make it as political, as Oliver indicates, but to make it a personal quest of honesty and integrity in one’s relationship with God. To truly care instead of to just claim to care with your political salesmanship. Liars cannot do this.

It’s not “reaching” for me to quote scripture here. He has said he believes that “divine intervention” is part of this. And he has quoted scripture in the past, in tandem with his work. He is a believer in the Lord, folks.

This is why art and entertainment is still valuable, even in a country that needs to do some seriously hard work to get back on track (manufacturing, deregulation, dispensing with social media lies). Entertainment and inspiration is a big part of that work, actually, as Oliver has shown through his work. The quality of that can guide us to work in the right direction. To work “as unto the Lord.” To go in the “better” direction than we are now going in our country.

Listen to his latest music too, not just these personal addresses, because much of what he is saying is embedded deep within these messages. He hints to check out songs like “Doggon it” and to get some of this message by truly listening with your heart.

Here’s his latest tune “I Want To Go Home” and “Doggon It”, below.

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by Jon Croft

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