First Russell Brand, Now Laurence Fox and Dan Wootton: British Media Cracks Down If You Like Women Too Much, and If You Don't

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by Jon Croft
First Russell Brand, Now Laurence Fox and Dan Wootton: British Media Cracks Down If You Like Women Too Much, and If You Don't
Laurence Fox from song Gunfight, credit Laurence Fox on YouTube

In the wake of the Russell Brand debanking controversy, Laurence Fox, who is one of a handful of anti-establishment media types in the UK, now gets the horns by GB News. He hasn’t been debanked, but he has been suspended and his show removed.

Fox, who is known for his portrayal of Hunter Biden in the Brietbart-distributed film, My Son Hunter, is now getting the Russell Brand guilty-before-innocent media treatment. Fox has had a vital impact upon UK politics after the Covid-regimes took over western nations three years ago, and he decided to push for sensible reforms in the UK.

Fox is one of the leaders of the Reclaim Party who works tirelessly to coalition on the right, even though conservatism isn’t what it ought to be in the UK. He is an advocate for men’s rights, as well, and for a sensible immigration policy. However, he is most known as an actor-musician who also works in media. More recently, he has been a commentator on GB News, on his own Laurence Fox show, on shows such as TRIGGERnometry, The Lotus Eaters, Farage, and also on many great American conservative shows such as Rubin Report, Eric Metaxas, Tucker Carson, and more.

So what are these crackdowns? Get ready for the absurdity.

He spoke with a fellow commentator, Dan Wootton, about how they “wouldn’t shag” a woman due to her reprehensible beliefs. In a private text these men both agreed, and thought it was a funny statement. Then he and Dan both got sacked. GB News said they will be conducting a “full investigation” into Laurence Fox’s & Dan Wootton’s “wouldn’t shag” comments.

Here’s a report on this by Sky News.

That’s right, folks. Donald Trump says you can do “certain things” to women if you’re famous, and people go insane, impeach him twice, and kick him out of the White House. But, now in the UK you apparently HAVE to keep the “non-shaggable” comments to a minimum. I’m guessing the women in the UK media are very needy, and maybe Donald Trump would fit right in among them. Grab them? Maybe they’d rather hear a Donald Trump speech there.

It just goes to show, sometimes people (sometimes even the ladies) can’t admit that they don’t know what they want, but either way, if you say you like them or you say you don’t, well… you’re wrong. Sometimes, criminally, if they feel like it.

Here is Laurence Fox’s song “The Distance” from his album A Grief Observed.

Russell Brand proves this to be the case as well. Spend years womanizing? They don’t mind. But start saying things they don’t like? You get debanked and turned into a voiceless drone without the agency to speak for yourself, personally or sexually.

Laurence responds to the situation, defending Dan Wootton, and issuing a small apology, while not retracting the statement. The entire video is here on their twitter (at the Reclaim Party’s X). I share it here on our social media.

Fox’s advocacy work shows that men “off” themselves there in enormous numbers, and yet many people don’t even want anyone discussing it, or setting up a men’s center, because this might help men. I guess nobody cares. Right?

Since GB said they will be having a full investigation, I’m guessing they will be looking into Laurence’s and Dan’s sexual preferences? What kind of sexual preferences are “allowed” in media over there, anyway? It gives so many questions from here across the pond. Because scandals in media are getting more and more unbelievable & absurd.

Here’s Laurence on TRIGGERnometry

Here’s Laurence Fox and Robert Davi discussing their film, My Son Hunter.

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by Jon Croft

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