Hollywood Shrinkage: A "Film Industry Watch" and "Film Threat" Report

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by Jon Croft
Hollywood Shrinkage: A "Film Industry Watch" and "Film Threat" Report

The industry resource Film Industry Watch (filmindustrywatch.org) has noticed the trend that we and people like Film Threat have reported on, and given our views on for months. The strike didn't accomplish it's goal as intended (as we reported on this here) and Film Threat has made numerous stories on Hollywood decline for over a year now. That said we are now watching former employers give their two cents, telling us that they now haven't been getting work (some for over a year), and may be losing their mortgages and will possibly be changing careers.

Film Threat gives their opinion on this report, and in some ways they sympathize, but in other ways they can't help but saying... "guys we told you this was coming." They try not to make it an "I told you so," as if to be cruel.

But, "guys... they kinda told ya so."

Film Industry Watch also lays to bare many issues that may have contributed to Hollywood decline, and just seeing a list of topics that they report on is harrowing. I've seen some of this myself, and it's part of the reason I'm not currently an active member of the film industry, but many more are reporting daily on these instances.

To reiterate what they are saying, there are likely unjust hiring practices in play now, and the strike has left its mark. The intention of the studios is to engage in deflation of product, and to acquire more foreign work to fill their shelf space so it isn't lost. Additionally, they begin by telling us typically how Hollywood hires, now. Through DEI initiatives and what I call "minority nepotism."

Not sure if this is a new word that describes what we are seeing in multiple industries now, but "minority nepotism" seems to be exactly what it is. Before it was the rich privileged who gave a job to their kids, and now it is the privileged identity groups, the current-day nepo babies.

As a producer, I've actually made excuses for Hollywood doing this before, as a cagey expression of insecurity, due to the fact that much money is at stake, all while Hollywood operates as an incredibly risk-averse industry. But once you see real nepotism you can't unsee it. Once you see millions being invested on a talentless hack, you start to get the picture.

This is also referring to the numerous ways that the industry can control a process of gatekeeping such as through festivals, film schools, awards shows, hiring and firing policies, casting opportunities, and numerous other workplace operations that may include ethical or legal violations of professional practice.

Have you felt it before? The preferential treatment at a festival or on a casting couch? You typically feel it for a very real reason.

And yes, this often means that decades of quality past work doesn't necessarily matter. This may even mean that your identity status doesn't even matter anymore, as even women and other groups who've worked in this industry, sometimes even for the highest profile of projects, will be passed by for the new blue-haired DEI student hires that check all the new boxes. Boxes which may end up being updated every year as unions, awards shows, and industry advocacy groups all have their pound of flesh to extract from the studios as often as possible.

Where these inclusivity considerations used to matters of kindness and generosity, now they are becoming requirements, requirements that can be directed in any new direction that suits those in charge.

One thing that I do wish Film Threat would have said is to give these folks hope, because hope DOES exist. Sure, many of these folks won't listen to it, of course. This involves a major change of perspective for them. This kind of change is hard.

So, where is this hope? What is the solution?

Here's my advice.

  1. Understand that a constant desire in Hollywood to upend the system has caused this issue
  2. Understand that a vote for political change that actually doesn't solve these issues but continues to exacerbate it, must be acknowledged and must go to work to inform new change (stop it)
  3. Understand that as we seek to continue making true art we must work to fight against the storytelling conventions and gatekeeping that Hollywood has grown accustomed to
  4. Establish new partnerships with independent companies who are working OUTSIDE of the Hollywood system (refuse to bolster Hollywood's power)
  5. In every way, stop working with and building up Hollywood, whether socially, politically, financially, or culturally
  6. Even better, work to make a film for a company that would make your old friends' toes curl... Angel Studios, or Daily Wire, or Epoch TV, or Blaze Media, or a faith-based company or studio of some kind. Go for it
  7. Say goodbye to Hollywood and say hello to a long journey in the wilderness following a pillar of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night

So, while many will think I am being too harsh, this kind of severity is what makes real change happen. You cannot waffle about hoping things will suddenly change now. They won't. You have to MAKE change if you seek to keep telling great stories.

This long journey I refer to is where Media Moses came from. It seeks to sympathize and understand where Hollywood is coming from and where it is going. And it refuses to continue making excuses for Hollywood's evil philosophies any longer.

So, come with us. Subscribe. Watch or listen to our Cultural Warfare show! And engage with us on X!

We are going to be part of the new direction for Hollywood! And we'd love for you to go on the journey with us!

Did you enjoy this article? What do you think about the direction that Hollywood is going? Do you think iut's time to leave Hollywood? Let us know on our social media or down below (with subscription)!

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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