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Exemplum Director Paul Roland Discusses How To Make Independent Film On Pop Culture Crisis

Still from Exemplum trailer, Credit, Paul Roland on Youtube

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Writer/Director Paul Roland discusses the making of his black & white indy film, Exemplum, with the Pop Culture Crisis crew. The film, with a seedy dystopian vibe, was made for a meager $9500 budget and can compete with Hollywood films with ten times the budget. How does a filmmaker accomplish this? Listen in.

I’ll give you a hint; use available resources and locations, ensure fundamentals of good filmmaking are present (these can cost very little) such as good sound, good editing, good acting, and use creative techniques to add production value into your frame while minimizing expenses during every day of production. This is very difficult, but writer/directors like Paul Roland can pull this off, and as discussed many great filmmakers like Christopher Nolan & Robert Rodriguez have pulled this off in the past, just as cheaply and effectively as Roland did here.

Watch the interview below.

Watch the trailer here.

Follow link (navigate away) to watch the film here.

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