DW Drops a Bomb: Jeremy Boreing Makes Huge Announcement After 100 Years of Disney's Now Forsaken Legacy

DW Drops a Bomb: Jeremy Boreing Makes Huge Announcement After 100 Years of Disney's Now Forsaken Legacy

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by Jon Croft

Today Jeremy Boreing, CEO and godking of The Daily Wire, announced that their previous commitment to DW Kids will be a far larger project than previously indicated. They did give us a hint before, by saying they’d be committing $100m to their efforts, but little did we realize what this would mean only a year later.

On Disney Studios’ centennial anniversary, The Daily Wire has now stated their intention to uphold the visionary legacy of Walt Disney by starting a new entertainment company, branded seperately from DW, to be called BentKey. This is likely in reference to the bent key that godking Boreing wears around his neck religiously. And this is looking like a promising prospect for all of us. Not just for the kids, because we as parents will be able to trust in the content that this company will put out. This is their promise to us.

So, BentKey will put out content?

No. It has put out content… available as of today!

Jeremy announced in the same message that BentKey can be purchased TODAY and already has an enormous amount of content present on the platform including Chip Chilla, A Wonderful Day with Mabel McClay, Kid Explorer, The Ernest & Celestine Collection, Gus Plus Us, Kid Fit Go, Runes, How Ridiculous, Pirata & Capitano, Clangers, Walking Wild, Yoko, Yeti Tales, Jasmine & Jambo, Truck Games, Counting with Paula, and Tish & Tash.

Some of these have many episodes and some have a few episodes each, but these will be filling in content weekly similar to the Saturday morning cartoons we used to enjoy as kids. So yes- this means every Saturday morning they will drop new episodes!

And listen to this… you won’t “literally” have to screen everything to make sure politics doesn’t get embedded into their fun! Who ever heard of such a thing!?

Wow, a lot of content is here! Much of this was made in-house and much of it was purchased for distribution, but in all cases this is an incredible surprise for conservative families today.

There was also an announcement “outro.” Jeremy ended it out with a criticism of how Disney treated their first legacy-creating film Snow White, and afterwards showing a teaser for what we will now consider BentKey’s first ever live action fairy tale, Snow White and the Evil Queen, starring Brett Cooper in the title role. This is scheduled for a 2024 debut.

Go to bentkey.com to sign up. As an Insider with The Daily Wire you can get BentKey with no additional cost, but if you seek to get it without the DW+ subscription, you can get it with a deep discount of only $99/year. I’ve been on the site myself and let me tell you it looks very exciting and packed with content. Definitely worth the cost assuming the shows are good, which I haven’t seen yet.

Daily Wire has surprised us all, and on Disney’s centennial, no less!

Enjoy the victory lap, everyone!

Did you enjoy this article? Were you surprised about BentKey’s unveiling? Which part of this announcement are you most excited for? Snow White? The Saturday Morning cartoons? Chip Chilla? Not having to screen every show? Let us know on our social media, or comment down below (with subscription).

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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