DailyWire+ enters into low-ball comedy film fray with "Lady Ballers," on streaming December 1st

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by Jon Croft
DailyWire+ enters into low-ball comedy film fray with "Lady Ballers," on streaming December 1st

Who else has missed seeing real comedies in theaters and on streaming? These days I'd even tolerate a raucous bawdy thing that skewered others irreverently. It's not my favorite kind of comedy, but the public and their apparent poverty, evidenced by the fact that they may have literally never even seen a decent comedy in years, well... they can't be choosers. And I won't criticize the irreverence of this comedy when this is exactly what this kind of comedy is for... it's for skewering the very thing we think to be sacred.

Take it as the faithful continuance of the great heritage that is western civilization. We will laugh at you from our parapets and catapults and mottes and bailies, just as great comedians like Monty Python and Mel Brooks did once in the before-times.

It's a thing of beauty...

Check out the trailer for this film Lady Ballers that dropped only an hour ago, and was announced by Jeremy Boreing, who also stars in the film.

It's brilliant folks!

That's right, Jeremy isn't the only DW regular that stars in this film though. Many others who satellite the DW from a distance do as well. This ecosystem of talent they've been cultivating during their early film outings (but especially during Terror on the Prairie), has been rising in prominence. Comedians and actors like Tyler Fischer, Daniel Considine, Brett Cooper, and many others show up with zingers and jokes. But Jeremy definitely surprises with his own talent, here.

It appears that every influencer on staff make some sort of appearance, including Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Andrew Klavan, Jake & Blain Crain, etc. But also political commentators and politicians like Ted Cruz make appearances as well. So we are talking a massive showing of conservative talent here, folks.

This was first dropped on Twitter direct from Jeremy here. But many more have weighed in.

Chrissie Mayer reacts to the trailer drop!

What's YOUR reaction? Comment below!

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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