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As “Rich Men North of Richmond” Goes Viral on X, Oliver Anthony May Have Made the Protest Song of our Generation

Oliver Anthony, credit, RadioWV on YouTube

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Remember when Gina Carano got demoted from the Disney roster and then got dusted off by Ben Shapiro and placed in DW film “Terror on the Prairie”? I do. Remember when comic artist Van Sciver and rapper Tom MacDonald got cancelled, and this only made them more popular with their fan base? I remember that, too.

Yep, Hollywood and social media love to pretend they’ve got power over us all, but they’re proving to hold less and less sway over the public’s thinking every day. But there’s something else going on here…

It appears we’ve reached a new plateau in conservative media. Not only have we dusted off and protected our allies from Hollywood and from mass media, but we’ve begun to discover our own talents, and our own stars- no gatekeepers and Hollywood infrastructure involved. Instead, on places like YouTube and Twitter (X), an artist who plugged away for years at his craft finally got noticed by the right people, and Oliver Anthony’s song, “Rich Men North of Richmond” may be just the beginning.

Country star, John Rich, got a hold of Oliver’s tune, and already decided to give an offer to help him produce his first album with no strings attached. If you go to Oliver’s YouTube, you can see he didn’t just write this one masterful protest song, “Rich Men North of Richmond” speaking of the corruption in DC, and how out of touch America’s power structures are from the Lost American Man, but he has at least an entire album’s worth of great songs, likely ready to go. But most importantly, Oliver is a talent that can clearly be seen as you delve into his guitar-picking fingers, strong vocals, and passionate lyrics. It’s undeniable.

One song would be enough.

As I go through his catalogue, all I can say is I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard. Everything. It’s raw, beautiful, powerful, and often tragically lost. Living in the New World expands upon his treatise of how depressing this New World is for those Old Souls like him, and “I’ll Always Love you (Like a Good ‘Ole Dog) is a sweetly tender expression of faithfulness to a wife, with the loyalty of a woman’s best friend.

Poor farmin’ vibes comes from his “Ain’t Gotta Dollar” tune, which is very similar to his “Doggon It”, small town charm, in which there’s not much to worry about except when the train comes to town and stops the little traffic that ever exists.

Matt Walsh even did a video on his “Rich Men…” viral video.

And this morning Oliver himself announced a live appearance in NC while thanking people for talking about him & his work. This a real guy. Not a manufactured persona that Hollywood is trying to sell us. This is the most refreshing thing that we’ve seen online for some time. He’s the kind of star our kids can learn more from than the Kardashians, Beyonce’s, Jay-zees, and Cardi-B’s, which will only corrupt and destroy them.

I wish this man the best, and I don’t think his life will ever be the same. The question is, will his true soul come forth in his future work, or will it get corrupted by the same world he has expressed hesitation in finding anything good about?

Don’t lose the good parts of your soul, no matter if you find fortune or fame or not. And as “Doggon it” indicates, no matter what they say, don’t eat the bugs, if you won’t eat the bacon. Gotta “Get Sober,” son. Cuz that fortune and fame, “North of Richmond” can corrupt the best of ’em.

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