Angel Pivots To Turn "Homestead" Into Hybrid Film/Series With 2024 Theatrical Release

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by Jon Croft
Angel Pivots To Turn "Homestead" Into Hybrid Film/Series With 2024 Theatrical Release

As of January 5th Angel Studios sends out a press release and a new trailer for The Homestead series. If you haven't heard about Homestead yet, you can read our story on it here.

Here is the new trailer for Homestead.

Surprisingly they are pressing into what appears to be the new trend at Angel, to release more of their work both in theaters and as a series on their free app. No doubt, it was The Chosen that led the way for this to take place. Additionally, this shows an exceptional understanding of how Hollywood had grown success before the age of Covid and the age of the golden fleece of complete streaming dominance. This Netflix-lead model of cradle-to-grave IP control has become a cancer on the industry, and as we've seen, the streaming platforms that didn't have the benefit of decades of subscriber build-up often get used as the excuse to create terrible shows from legacy IP. New content must be fed into the grinder to keep this subscriber-base growing. And they need the brand-recognition if they seek to maintain this influx. This has plundered Hollywood of it's history and franchise gems, and it has de-emphasized the community building that the theatrical experience can provide. This also further contributes to the cancer of failure to cultivate new creators, new stories, and finding novel, original content.

Cinema as a concept, loses, both intellectually and physically.

But Angel Studios seems to understand what is referred to as "the release windows" and their purpose. The traditional windows derived from the larger Hollywood franchises such as Star Wars, with their multi-faceted product releases, merchandise, and separate home video and physical DVD releases. While the streamers will do day-and-date now (releasing everything at once), and they continue to claim that this trend will pay off (using scant evidence to bolster their claims) those who've actually understood what a release window is for understand the absurdity of these claims. Release windows do not only bring in engagement from different kinds of viewers, but also do so using a more dynamic marketing strategy. They bolster each other, and provide unique products for the unique viewers. They're also far more successful because they treat their film or story with more respect, as well. Like an event. In contrast, day and date feels like a studio just dumping it out for the animals to eat it. It doesn't actually treat it or the customer with dignity.

You see, much of this is the lack of understanding of what an entertainment business (a Hollywood studio, in this case) is for. It isn't for controlling and creating profit from IP. It is about respecting story and the moments and events that this myth-making creates. This experience is the product, and watering down this product in order to get bigger profits is a form of fraud. The fact that Hollywood has lost this understanding is just further evidence that not just cinema, but Hollywood as a concept, is dead.

Obviously many people still understand this and are trying to do something about this issue. But, I don't think Hollywood is going to change anytime soon. So, we have to find these experiences and this community, surrounding great stories and myths wherte we can find them. But also, we should support the people that get these concepts and protect our stories for our own mutual benefit.

Protect the future. Plug in more to these companies and these projects, and maybe join the Angel Guild. Then you can have an even greater influence on what get's made.

Here is the new Homestead Press Release from Angel.

In the meantime, enjoy our stories, see these trailers and projects, and comment down below.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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