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First Look at Angel’s "Homestead" Series May Remind of the Value of Community and Responsibility

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Looks like "The Benefactor" from Angel's The Shift, that's right... THE villainous Neal McDonough, plays the good guy in this series. And, he looks perfect in this role. Every dystopian world-building universe needs a rock for other characters to rely upon.

But, who would be your "Rock"?

There have been many movies and series’ that have envisioned a difficult future for mankind after disaster strikes. It may be an attack, a tyrannical government, a virus, a natural disaster, or some other philosophical corruption that leads our society down a path of evil, and into destruction. But in any case we must grapple with what to do before and after such an evil may occur. This is the question that dystopian science fiction often presents to us, sometimes without remedy. And it is why so many find them fascinating. The question of how they would fare, or if they would survive is often a struggle in the minds of those who feel themselves prepared for one eventuality, but often not for every challenge that they may be presented with. Some even enjoy the challenge, with it's morbid imaginations, even while admitting that no matter if chance favors them they can still be confident that “chance favors the prepared mind”.

God is often either entirely eliminated from these doomsday scenarios or included as ever present help, but nevertheless, we know that in such difficult times (as the book of Revelation seems to indicate) this will be an inordinately difficult time for all of mankind on earth. The Revelation states that God limited this time to seven years for that very reason. Surviving it may take a miracle, regardless of what kind of miracle you prefer in your fantastical imagination. We can either accept that God exists or he does not, though, and if He does exist, in order for mankind to be preserved through such times a miracle will be required. After all, to think you can be autonomous without God is, for a true Christian, a concept we already consider to be absolutely absurd. So, why would we start to believe even more in our independence after such a challenging time as this? We would not.

That said, I find the idea of this story, and the idea of what a community that trusts in God, in the midst of such a trial, incredibly fascinating. Would we continue to love and forgive, or would we hesitate to break bread with strangers seeking safety and a bed? Could we risk our entire community for the sake of one lost sheep, or should we be as wise as serpents in the midst of ever present danger?

Watch this trailer and livestream to see if you’re interested in this show! You can even express interest, and later contribute to it here.

Here's the call to action, an opportunity to be involved in Homestead...

Angel describes this series as The Last of Us meets Lost in Space meets Seal Team, and "...a high-intensity end-of-the-world drama with a touch of military thriller." That sounds amazing, not to mention Neal McDonough's presence in this show looks to be a perfect casting choice.

But before I go, let me recommend a show in the same style from years ago. It's a bit dated now, but it's an oft forgotten cult classic, sort of like a presage to The Walking Dead. But, if offers up similar themes as Homestead, and it does this very well.


Have you seen it before? Let us know in the comments! And now you have something to whet your appetite while the newer Homestead is being produced!

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