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Akira the Don Gives His Paul Harvey Impersonation on Why the Devil Exists

Photo: Akira the Don

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Meaningwave genius, Akira the Don, has released a new single that features the now revered conservative radio hero, Paul Harvey, in one of his most interesting radio segments. It’s the one that makes me think of the C.S. Lewis book, The Screwtape Letters, in all its nascent controversy.

The segment, “If I Were The Devil” turns the idea that a good God must not exist because he mistreats his people so badly right on it’s head, as a revealing monologue on why the world is the way it is. And it has to do with the fact that the Devil must exist because of how the world is now. Makes you think, for sure. And it reminds us that our job is to chose between right & wrong, everyday.

Enjoy this Meaningwave masterpiece on Spotify or Youtube, and check out his other work.

Here he is on YouTube, where he does incredible livestreams… enjoy!

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