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Adam Calhoun & Tom MacDonald Drop "Your America," Placing a Line in the Sand That No Liberal Can Cross

Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun on "Your America"

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After hearing “American Flags,” I was thinking these guys are at the top of their game. The tank, the flags, the body armor, the energy from these two guys is infectious. See it here. But then they did it- they dropped even more with this same energy and American fervor for freedom… “Your America” draws a distinct line in the sand, not just in a combative sense, but in an ideological, truth-based sense. If you are a rational, compassionate human being, the song seems to be indicating that you can’t be voting Democrat.

“Your America” is sharing deep inner turmoil of the American who continues to see attacks on human freedom by the left. As MacDonald reasons with the audience, we get to see a fractured mind in our nation…

You told us, we’re the ones to blame, you’re the ones who riot ‘til the city’s up in flames. You told us, to stop spreading lies, but believe the truth’s on the news every night. You told us, we gotta stop the fightin’, but you’re the ones who keep the country angry & divided. You told us, we’re crazier than you, but all of our conspiracy theories are comin’ true.”

– Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun, from “Your America”

This is a mind that cannot reconcile these two realities- two America’s that continue to bring division to our people. How can American freedom survive this?

Listen here.

And here on YouTube

“Your America”, Credit, Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun on YouTube

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