When South Park’s Mockery is Not Enough to Put the Evils of Hollywood to Flight

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by Jon Croft
When South Park’s Mockery is Not Enough to Put the Evils of Hollywood to Flight
South Park Joining the Pandaverse, credit, Paramount Global

The news in Hollywood is that Parker & Stone’s South Park is making a TV special called South Park: Joining the Pandaverse, which will be mocking Hollywood’s identity politics, racism, and skin-suit wearing victim-creating that Disney (in particular) has become so adept at doing. It arrives at Paramount+ on Oct 27th- so I hear. But, they’ve done this before. It’s what they do.

In my last article Jeremy Boreing makes a profound statement that still many on the right do not understand, and even Parker & Stone probably won’t get either. This statement can be heard in The Sunday Special interview.

…because that’s where the real fight is… because if all we do is criticize culture, if all we do is talk about politics… if we don’t get busy making culture, then there is no country to conserve. There is no country for us to try to save.” -Jeremy Boreing, on Ben Shapiro’s Sunday Special, Sunday Oct 22nd.

Hit play for his quote, queued up at 24:05.

There is something to learn from here.

When I left the Hollywood career endeavors I left the infighting and political pandering that you find in these circles. The libertarian-leaning South Park was one of these outfits that just love to make the joke at your expense, and every big studio in Hollywood gets some spittle in their eye leftover from being mentioned in a South Park episode. If you happen to have any conviction in your own beliefs left while in Tinseltown, you just might get mocked by them too, but it’s the Disneys and Marvels and propagandist slave-mind ideas that often get it the worst.

They love to throw the Hollywood culture and the mass media (who sells the propaganda ideas to the public) under the bus, in favor of what Parker & Stone may have considered the idyllic vision of a Colorado town that “might have been”, before it had been turned into a liberal scum hole. But “this vision is dead”, and so they consider it their duty to mock the machine that destroyed it until the show is finally relegated to a monster IP-holder’s dank dark dungeon of-a-streaming service, never to be seen again. But they intend for that spittle in the Mouse’s eye to linger in the memories of so many who also see the evils in Hollywood, and long to one day join the battle. Maybe one day the idyllic South Park will live in peace, and be vindicated. Maybe then, they will no longer be animated children, but will be real human beings simply enjoying life.

So, why don’t they work towards that instead? This is too difficult, folks.

So, obviously I wasn’t in the honored position to be mocked by them, but I swore off of the entire prospect to be included in this interchange. Hollywood lives in a machine of a singular set of anti-values, which is nurtured by a conspiratorial narrative, ie. the cult of Marxism. The fact that there are some who remain there who do not ascribe to this narrative gives a glimmer of hope to many Americans, even if it is only for those who will watch the kind of childish humor that comes out of this show. It does leave an impact, but I intended for my impact to be more effectual, as my journey is one of inspiring the good army to gather, as we learn to cherish and do what is good.

Resenting the evil is not enough. This is because only love casts out evil. But love is hard.

So, I do not subscribe to Paramount+, nor do I ascribe to South Park’s methods to mock and harangue. However, I sometimes enjoy watching the internal strife within Hollywood (to some degree) eating itself alive, because it means their days are coming. This is what a society that lacks justice and mercy leads towards. They do not understand that nuance and complexity that Christ offers to his people… as he rejects those who cultivate religious fervor, and doctrine that only the individuated-few in exclusive seminaries will understand, and he accepts women caught in adultery, and beggars who plead for his mercy. This is because you’re trying to understand that which is too wise for you.

There is a time to resort to mockery as the Titanic goes down, but there is also a time to save people in life boats, and to build massive wooden arks. People will mock as Hollywood burns. They will also mock as Jeremy Boreing from Daily Wire spends $100m on BentKey to build an ark to save culture. But… will they apply their hand to doing good, instead of just pointing out the absurdity of and banality of evil? That is the question, for me. And ignoring the absurdity of spitting fire at people in a sawdust factory… well that’s a joke for the ages.

Did you enjoy this article on South Park? Do you enjoy the mockery that South Park delivers? What can you do that’s more than mockery? Let us know on our social media, or comment below (with subscription).

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by Jon Croft

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